Incredibly Realistic FPS Bodycam Debuts in Early Access but Fails to Deliver

Despite its highly realistic graphics and first-person perspective, the early access release of Bodycam has been met with disappointment due to technical problems and a lack of content. Will this game be a groundbreaking addition to the shooter genre or is it merely a flashy demo with little substance?

Bodycam, developed on Unreal Engine 5, is a groundbreaking, hyper-realistic first-person shooter. Its stunning visuals are incredibly lifelike and can be quite unsettling. The game offers standard multiplayer modes such as body bomb and deathmatch, with the exception of its impressively realistic flashbang effects and combat system. While not completely revolutionary in terms of gameplay, Bodycam is a major step towards the future of photorealistic gaming.

Despite this, the game has received widespread praise for its stunning visuals and ambitious attempts to revolutionize the genre. However, some critics argue that its lack of content and technical flaws make it difficult to justify the price of $29.98, particularly in its early access stage. With a total of 7,571 reviews on Steam, 2,296 of which are negative, the game has received a mix of feedback that all highlights similar concerns. Let’s take a look at some of these reviews on Steam.

Despite facing numerous issues such as lagging, glitches, poor technical optimization, lack of playable content, and cheating, Bodycam is a highly frustrating game. Many reviews recommend waiting for Reissad Studio, the developers behind Bodycam, to address these problems and introduce updates that will enhance the overall gameplay experience.

At the moment, Bodycam requires some additional time during its development before it can be released to the public. Despite its shortcomings, Bodycam marks the beginning of a new era for shooter games, which should bring joy to all fans of the genre.

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