Is Jennie from BLACKPINK Smoking Indoors? Controversial Video Deleted by Member Sparks Debate

Despite the deletion of a video allegedly showing BLACKPINK Jennie smoking a vape indoors, it sparked divided opinions among viewers.

On July 2, the official YouTube channel “Jennierubyjane Official”released a new vlog featuring the global superstar titled, “A Moment in Capri with Jennie.”

During the video, the female celebrity documented her three-day official trip to Capri with the French luxury brand, Jacquemus.

After being posted, the video garnered a great deal of attention from K-pop enthusiasts, particularly BLINKs (the fandom), who praised the idol’s dedication and hard work despite their lack of sleep and rest.

On X, Jennie’s vlog unexpectedly went viral on July 8 when a netizen shared a snippet of her doing her makeup and hairstyle.

Despite the initial impression of a scene showcasing Jennie’s top-tier visuals, a netizen expressed concern when smoke appeared to be emanating from her mouth.

They subsequently asserted:

“Jennie smoking vape in her vlog.”

Although the source of the smoke was unclear, the accusation gained more credibility when she was seen holding a dark-colored device to her lips and exhaling smoke. Additionally, there are concerns that Jennie may be engaging in this behavior in the presence of her employees.

As of now, the video has accumulated over 9.4 million views, 20.3k likes, and approximately 10k quotes. However, upon visiting the official vlog, it was discovered that the video has already been taken down.

In the comment section and quote retweets, many Jensetters and BLINKs came to Jennie’s defense, arguing that she is of legal age and therefore allowed to vape.

Despite many internet users stating that vaping is not the main concern, they did express their disapproval of Jennie doing it indoors. In South Korea, both traditional and electronic indoor smoking is considered a serious offense.

Previously, both EXO D.O. and NCT Haechan were required to express regret and face a penalty for smoking indoors.

Despite some netizens defending Jennie’s actions by pointing out that she was not currently in Korea, locals have clarified that smoking in an enclosed space is also prohibited in Capri.

As the debate grew more intense, Jensetters urged web commenters to avoid making baseless accusations about Jennie smoking. A closer look reveals that the device the idol is holding resembles a diffuser, not a smoking device.

Despite her hectic schedule, it’s common knowledge that Jennie has been facing health problems. As a result, she has been relying on a diffuser that not only helps with her breathing issues but also contains vitamins and other beneficial components for her well-being.

Currently, ODD ATELIER, Jennie’s label, has not made an official statement regarding this matter.

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