Is Jisoo Preparing for a Solo Comeback? Fans Speculate After Cryptic Message from BLACKPINK Member

Fans of BLACKPINK were thrilled when member Jisoo dropped a hint about her upcoming solo comeback. On July 7th, Jisoo posted a message on the fan communication platform Dear. U Bubble, stating:

“After filming is over, I will work hard to prepare so that I can meet Blink (fandom name of BLACKPINK) again soon.”

The speculation among fans is that Jisoo is gearing up for a solo comeback after receiving this message. The excitement is particularly high, considering her previous solo debut with the single ‘ME’ and its title track ‘Flower’ received much attention and acclaim.

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Several fans left a comment:

  • “Jisoo’s solo debut was amazing, and I can’t wait to see what she brings next!”The potential for new music has the fandom eagerly awaiting more details.
  • “Let’s go, finally her comeback”
  • “We’re hoping it’s 6 songs at least this time”
  • “I can meet Blink again soon”
  • “She should have released her comeback with Lisa it would have been a fun a collab”
  • “OUR HARDWORKING, KIM JISOO!!! Shooting for a series and film + coming back with a new song”

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Jisoo has also been occupied with her work as an actress. She has recently finished shooting for the live-action film version of the well-known web novel ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint.’ Currently, she is in the midst of filming for the highly anticipated zombie-themed K-drama ‘Influenza.’

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Despite her hectic schedule, Jisoo’s statement reflects her dedication to reconnecting with her fans through her music. In recent developments, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo shared the reasons behind the group’s absence from Coachella since 2023 in a conversation with her friend, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri. She cited factors such as strong winds, sandstorms, and extended periods of standing and walking as the main challenges of the experience.

Despite the lasting impact of their performance, BLACKPINK will not be returning to Coachella due to the festival’s policy of not allowing artists to perform in consecutive years. Jisoo also playfully mentioned post-Coachella obstacles, such as dealing with bugs in their accommodations, which further solidified her hesitation to return.

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