Is Na Haeun Leaving SM Entertainment? Rumors Surface Before Debut of New Girl Group

With SMNGG set to debut in the latter half of 2024, concerns were raised about the potential debut of Na Haeun, a rumored member. Will she still be debuting under SM Entertainment?

SM Entertainment announced on May 8th that their first girl group since aespa will be revealed in the fourth quarter of this year.

Before their official debut, the female trainees of SM held a private showcase to determine the final members of the group. Subsequently, the silhouette of eight girls was revealed.

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Since then, social media accounts were established specifically for these trainees, but their identities were kept anonymous.

Despite obscuring their faces, eagle-eyed fans still speculated about the real identities behind the mysterious figures in the photos and videos.

Among the fans, there was a strong belief that Na Haeun was one of them. She had gained popularity at the young age of 4 for her exceptional dance covers of idol songs.

She made her debut on SBS’s “Star King,”where she gained the nickname “Little HyunA”for her cute rendition of “Bubblepop.”

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Despite her parents opening the YouTube channel “Awesome Haeun,”her fame only grew as it became a platform for her to collaborate with renowned singers and dancers.

She has a significant influence, evidenced by her YouTube channel having gained over 5.1 million subscribers.

In April 2022, SM Entertainment announced that Na Haeun had signed an exclusive trainee contract with them, sparking speculation that she is preparing to debut in SMNGG.

Despite K-pop stans’ concerns, it seems unlikely that this will happen again as netters with sharp eyes have pointed out that the “SM Entertainment”label has been removed from her mother-managed personal Instagram account. This has sparked curiosity as to whether this indicates that she is no longer a trainee with the company.

Some netizens believe that this decision is for the best, considering how SM Entertainment has treated their girl groups in the past. Na Haeun, who was born in 2009 and is only 15 years old, has fans who feel that it would be more beneficial for her to debut at a more mature age.

Despite their long-standing anticipation for her official debut, some fans were disappointed and frustrated. They began to wonder if she had been kicked out or if she had chosen to leave.

Conversely, some internet users argue that this is simply an assumption and there has been no confirmation whether or not Haeun actually left. It is possible that her departure was a sign of their upcoming debut.

Ultimately, within the K-pop industry, agencies typically deactivate or delete the Instagram accounts of their trainees before the group’s debut.

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