IShowSpeed Paid $50K for Damaged Cars During Europe Stream

Streaming sensation IShowSpeed shared the staggering sum he had to spend due to fans damaging vehicles during his eventful European tour for the Euros tournament.

ShowSpeed, a top streamer on YouTube, is so highly regarded that he was mobbed by fans multiple times during his trip to Europe in June and July 2024.

During his time in Oslo, Norway, the influencer had a particularly scary encounter with fans when a large crowd gathered outside a souvenir shop in hopes of meeting him.

As soon as Speed exited the store, the crowd swarmed towards him. One person even attempted to execute a “WWE Rey Mysterio move”by jumping off the roof of his car.

The incident quickly gained widespread attention on the internet and led Speed to publicly distance himself from Norway, declaring that he would never visit the country again. A few days later, he disclosed that he had incurred significant expenses in repairing cars that had been damaged by his fans during similar incidents.

During another stream, Speed addressed the issue of the money when a fan approached his car and started hitting the window. In a frustrated tone, Speed scolded the viewer to cease, revealing that he has already spent $50,000 to cover the costs of vehicles damaged by his viewers.

“He explained that he would have to cover the cost if the door was broken. He mentioned that he had already paid around $50,000 out of his own money due to his fans damaging cars. He expressed frustration at continually having to foot the bill for others’ property.”

“I am unable to continue covering the costs of other people’s car damages, my friend. They need to put an end to this behavior. This has already been the fifth time that I have had to pay for damages. These kids keep causing damage to cars without any consequences for themselves. The expenses are coming out of my own pocket, not theirs.”

Despite experiencing a dramatic situation during his time in Norway, the streamer still plans to return to the country very soon, possibly even this week. However, he hopes that his fans will behave better this time.

“He expressed his hopes of Oslo not falling into chaos once more.”

Speed’s journey across Europe has been full of tumultuous incidents. In Amsterdam, he had to flee from a group of fans and ended up jumping onto a stranger’s boat. Fortunately, he was rescued by the police and taken to safety.

Despite the negative incidents, there have also been some positive moments. One of these was when the streamer engaged in a wrestling match with ‘Crawley,’ the viral green mall wizard. This moment garnered a lot of attention on social media and was praised by viewers as the “crossover of the century.”

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