ITZY Ryujin and aespa Karina’s Close Friendship Revealed

ITZY member Ryujin demonstrated that she and aespa member Karina are best friends forever!

On June 6, 2024, a popular post titled “Karina gifting aespa’s merchandise to Ryujin”was shared on Nate Pann, a well-known online community forum in South Korea.

The post featured a screenshot from Ryujin’s Bubble chat, shared by the original poster. In the chat, the ITZY member showed a photo of banners supporting aespa’s “Armageddon”comeback, which had been given to her by Karina. Ryujin also mentioned that Karina enjoys giving her gifts.

Despite Ryujin’s playful joke that she may own more possessions than MYs, the two have been dear friends for several years. In fact, in 2022, Ryujin even playfully answered fan inquiries about whether or not they were in a romantic relationship.

Despite never explicitly confirming their relationship, she did admit to affectionately calling Karina “honey.”Ryujin reserves this nickname for only two individuals: her ITZY bandmate Chaeryeong and aespa’s Karina. Additionally, she also refers to Karina by her given name, Jimin.

During the livestream, Ryujin also shared that she and Karina had built snow bears and snow ducks together during the winter season.

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Ever since receiving watermelon juice from ITZY at the 2021 Dream Concert, the two groups have been rumored to have become friends. Later, at the 2021 KBS Gayo Daechukje, aespa reciprocated the gesture by gifting ITZY tangerines and sweets.

Upon viewing the post, Korean netizens couldn’t resist gushing over the heartwarming friendship between the two groups. They observed the strong bond between the fourth-generation of K-pop and expressed their admiration for both ITZY and aespa. Numerous fans also shared their love for both girl groups.

ITZY recently showed their strong bond with fellow girl group aespa at the 2021 Dream Concert by gifting them with drinks.

Despite being from different countries, international fans were impressed by the close bond between the two. Karina’s revelation that Ryujin was her first celebrity friend was well-received, and it seems their friendship has only grown stronger since then. Many also praised Karina’s thoughtfulness in giving Ryujin gifts, noting her kind and sweet nature.

Several comments have been read,

  • “Oh my gosh, they are so cute!”
  • “LOL, this is so cute!”
  • “I support the 3.5-generation’s friendships.”
  • “Why are the fourth-generation representative’s friendships so wholesome? This is so cute, I love both ITZY and aespa.”
  • “Karina is so sweet!”
  • “Ryujin is one of Karina’s first celebrity friends, so I am glad that they are still this close.”
  • “I am glad they are still friends after so many years!”

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