IVE Surpasses 1 Million Sales With Newest Album In Hanteo + ‘HEYA’ Hits #1 On iTunes Charts

IVE’s latest album “IVE SWITCH”has exceeded one million sales, while their lead single “HEYA”dominates the iTunes charts globally.

IVE’s ‘IVE SWITCH’ Surpasses 1 Million Sales In Hanteo, ‘HEYA’ Tops iTunes Charts

IVE ended the month of April with a bang as they released their highly anticipated second extended play “IVE SWITCH”on April 29 before the month came to an end.

The music video for “HEYA”gained traction in the K-pop community, with the current number of views on YouTube reaching 20,975,814. Just three days after its release, “IVE SWITCH”set a new record for IVE as their fastest-selling album, selling over 1 million copies according to Hanteo on May 1.

IVE Surpasses 1 Million Sales With Newest Album In Hanteo + 'HEYA' Hits #1 On iTunes Charts Worldwide
(Photo: Facebook: IVE)

“IVE SWITCH”also allowed the girl group to surpass their previous record of four days, which was achieved with their first extended play “I’ve Mine.”This accomplishment also resulted in the girl group having three albums that exceeded 1 million sales, including “I’ve IVE”and “I’ve Mine.”

During its initial release, “IVE SWITCH”surpassed IVE’s personal record for first-day sales. The album sold 746,118 copies, which exceeded the previous record set by “I’ve Mine”at 726,455 copies.

Additionally, “I’VE SWITCH”achieved the top spot on the iTunes Top Albums Chart, in addition to its No. 1 ranking on Hanteo. Sources reveal that the album charted in 16 different regions, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Norway, Turkey, and Costa Rica.

IVE Surpasses 1 Million Sales With Newest Album In Hanteo + 'HEYA' Hits #1 On iTunes Charts Worldwide
(Photo: Facebook: IVE)

“HEYA”achieved the top position on the Top Songs charts in iTunes in at least three regions. Additionally, the music video for “HEYA”gained attention on YouTube’s Trending Worldwide, securing the No. 1 spot.

View the complete music video for “HEYA”here:

Here is the response of DIVEs to the music video:

  • “Leeseo’s rap, Wonyoung’s pre-chorus, Yujin’s high note, Rei eating up her rapping part, Liz’s impressive vocals, and Gaeul’s last part! Those were all perfect.”
  • “Heya is an extreme bop.”
  • “Not even talking about the song because it’s so good, but the MV? The concept is so beautiful!”
  • “I want to see the MV over and over again because of how creative and pretty the concept is, I wish it was a movie, to be honest.”
  • “I feel like everyone shined in this mv and it’s not just Wonyoung taking up the screen! I love Leeseo as a rapper and Liz’s beautiful voice. Rei is so pretty.”
  • “I love how Starship starts to give Liz more lines, ‘coz gurl she literally deserves it! This song really suits her!”
  • “The thing about being a DIVE is that you’re never disappointed in any comeback.”
  • “It’s so refreshing to see a song over three minutes long with an actual chorus. The reputation within the song fits perfectly and is not overplayed.”
  • “This is the quality I want out of K-pop.”

Hats off to IVE for their incredible achievements!

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