Jang Won-young’s Sister Jang Da-ah Shares Same Lucky Vicky Attitude, Promises to Give Her Best at Fanmeeting

On June 5th, Singles magazine’s YouTube channel released a new video titled “Is luck a family trait for Vicky? A 180-degree different perspective from Baek Ha-rin #Jang Da-ah’s PICKterview”. The video featured Jang Da-ah answering questions from her fans.

jang da ah

Upon being asked “When will your next project be?”after reading the question, Jang Da-ah responded, “My aim for this year is to present a variety of characters in fresh projects. I will put forth my best efforts to bring my new project to you as soon as possible.”

After being asked about the possibility of organizing a fanmeeting, Jang Da-ah expressed her gratitude for the increasing support she has been receiving. She stated that it would be a great honor to have the chance to meet and interact with her fans while working on different projects. She also promised to continue putting in effort until she is able to arrange a fan meetup event.

jang da ah

When discussing her ideal type, the actress expressed, “In any type of relationship, a person’s character is the most important factor for me. This belief also applies to my ideal type.”

In conclusion, Jang Da-ah shared her life motto, stating that she has multiple but one that stands out is to live in the moment. She believes it is important to not linger on the past or stress about the future. This is something she strives to remember in her daily life.

In addition, “Won-young’s Thinking”is a phrase used to describe the optimistic mindset of Jang Won-young, IVE’s Jang Da-ah’s younger sister. Another popular meme frequently used by Jang Won-young is “Lucky Vicky”, a combination of her English name and the word “lucky”, which she often shouts as if casting a spell.

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