Jennie’s Model Debut in Daring Dress Holding Hands with Shin Hyun-ji

Jacquemus’ “LA CASA”cruise collection show took place on Capri Island, Italy on June 10th (local time). Prior to the show, Jacquemus shared images of Jennie draped in an orange towel, creating anticipation for her appearance as the finale model on the runway.

Jennie confidently strutted down the runway in a bold black backless dress that showcased her side bust line. Her hair was elegantly pulled back and her makeup enhanced her complexion, giving her the same alluring presence as top models.

Blackpink jennie fashion

During the show, Jennie and top model Shin Hyun-ji, who are known to be close friends, crossed paths. In that instant, Shin Hyun-ji made eye contact with Jennie and softly took her hand.

Jennie warmly hugged designer Jacquemus as he ran towards her, after which they both smiled.

Netizens responded with praise, leaving comments like “She absolutely dominates the catwalk” , “Congrats on your debut as a model, Jennie” , “She is undeniably stunning” , and “Flawless in every way.”

In 2022, Jennie had the opportunity to attend Jacquemus’ collection in Hawaii. She has consistently displayed her close bond with the designer by incorporating his outfits into her everyday wardrobe and photoshoots. However, this time, her debut as a model at the collection garnered even more attention than her previous attendance.

At the same time, BLACKPINK’s Jennie was featured in Zico’s latest single “SPOT!”, which was released on April 26th.

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