Jeon So-yeon’s Income and Success Revealed

On July 10th, the YouTube channel “Pixid”released a new video with Jeon So-yeon’s “Country Kitchen Dream”content, which included a special guest appearance by Lee Young-ji.

In the video, Lee Young-ji was taken aback when Jeon So-yeon unexpectedly inquired, “I’m interested in something. Did you and your ‘Small Girl’ boyfriend part ways? Or are you still in a relationship?”, referencing the music video for Lee Young-ji’s latest single “Small Girl”.

Upon being asked a question by Lee Young-ji, Jeon So-yeon responded, “May I ask you a question as well? How much do you make per month?”Jeon So-yeon then added, “Do I calculate my monthly earnings by dividing my yearly salary by 12? You seem to have a high income as well.”After hearing this, Lee Young-ji remarked, “I have fluctuating income.”In response, Jeon So-yeon also shared, “I experience the same thing. What’s the most you have earned in a month?”

During the conversation, Jeon So-yeon revealed, “In a particularly successful month, I’ve made up to 1 billion won. However, there are times when I only make 100,000 won.”Lee Young-ji speculated, “I have a feeling she earns even more, but perhaps she’s downplaying it.”Jeon So-yeon chimed in, “That’s because you’ve also made a billion won in the past, haven’t you?”

lee young ji
lee young ji
soyeon lee young ji

Lee Young-ji praised Jeon So-yeon’s directing skills, stating that she had watched all of (G)I-DLE’s videos, including music videos and recording videos. She also added, “I believe that capturing the right feel is more important than skill, and you have a talent for it.”This showed her admiration for Jeon So-yeon’s abilities as a director.

Jeon So-yeon then asked Lee Young-ji about her recent comeback with “Small Girl”, saying, “Do you think I can surpass you?”. Lee Young-ji responded, “Even if it falls to 100 on the chart tomorrow, I would still be content”. Jeon So-yeon reassured her, “No, you could definitely achieve No.1 for the year”.

Lee Young-ji inquired, “TOMBOY was ranked first for the year, correct?”To which Jeon So-yeon replied, “It was actually second.”She then mentioned that the top song was IVE’s “Love Dive”and added, “You created a fantastic challenge video for that song,”causing everyone to laugh.

Despite facing challenges, Lee Young-ji remained determined. She confidently stated, “Although you didn’t have a No.1 song this year, you will have one now.”

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