JoJo Siwa’s Tattoo Signifies Major Milestone in Upcoming Album

JoJo Siwa revealed a new arm tattoo that symbolizes a significant achievement in her upcoming album.

In June, popular singer JoJo Siwa announced to her 45 million TikTok followers that she would be making a change in her upcoming plans, following months of backlash from her fans.

Ever since, she has been giving sneak peeks of her upcoming music by posting dance rehearsal videos and snippets of her latest track, ‘Guilty Pleasure.’

Additionally, she informed her fans that she was growing impatient with the delay of her new music’s release. As a result, she and her team have been working tirelessly on a “speed mission”to ensure that her highly-anticipated project is brought to life.

Despite her increasing revelations through TikTok, a new hint regarding her upcoming album has recently been discovered.

On June 26, the Costello Tattoo Team, located in Sherman Oaks, CA, announced on Instagram that JoJo had permanently marked her arm with the image from her upcoming album cover.

The tattoo on the artist’s skin depicted a teddy bear donning an eye mask, Angel wings, and a bulletproof vest. According to the caption on IG, it was a representation of her new album cover permanently etched into her body.

It was clear that JoJo was proudly displaying her new tattoo, wearing a cutoff t-shirt and a rainbow-beaded necklace with a big grin on her face.

Her fans wasted no time in expressing their anticipation for what was in store. One fan wrote, “I am eagerly looking forward to discovering the significance of this stunning artwork.”

“Another fan excitedly exclaimed, “We’re finally getting an album!”Other fans echoed their sentiments, praising her “amazing”and “beautiful”tattoo.”

Despite facing some challenges over the past few months, JoJo remains determined to move forward. Despite receiving criticism for her dance moves in the music video for her song ‘Karma’ and facing disapproval for her Pride in the Park performance, she is focused on what’s next.

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