Jujutsu Kaisen Director Excited to Animate a New Character in Season 3

It may take some time before the release of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 3, as Shota Goshozono, the director, shares his excitement for animating a specific character.

The third season of Jujutsu Kaisen will cover the Itadori’s Extermination, Perfect Preparation, and Culling Game storylines. The Shibuya Incident has resulted in severe destruction in Japan, and as sorcerers work to rescue Gojo from the Prison Realm, the higher-ups have their own agendas.

The Culling Game Arc has generated the most excitement among fans, but there is another arc that will showcase a particular character. In the Perfect Preparation Arc, Maki Zenin manages to survive Jogo’s attack during the Shibuya Incident, resulting in a dramatic transformation in her appearance.

Maki’s upgraded character design debuts in Chapter 144, and her fans are enamored with her enhanced appearance and incredible power boost. Yuki Tsukumo reveals that Maki’s survival was solely due to her extraordinary strength granted by the heavenly restriction. Despite attempts with the Reverse Cursed Technique, the scars remain etched onto her body as permanent markings.

The director of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Shota Goshozono, was present at Anime Expo 2024 and shared insights about the series. During the Q&A session, he mentioned his excitement for animating Makifor in the upcoming season.

Even though it is still unclear if MAPPA will be the director for Season 3, he has already confirmed his involvement as part of the animation staff.

Furthermore, a well-known translator for JJK reveals that in addition to Maki, Goshozono is eagerly anticipating the animation of the moment when Yuta, Yuji, and Choso are caught off guard by his sudden appearance in Chapter 139.

A fan expresses excitement for season 3, stating that they are most looking forward to Maki, as it is their favorite arc in the series.

“Please also convey to Shota sensei that we, as fans, are eagerly anticipating Maki’s animation,”adds another fan in a tweet by FabiolaA273.

In response to a post by a fellow fan, another person expresses their hope for the animators to have a more reasonable workload in order to produce high-quality animation.

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