Jujutsu Kaisen: Nanami’s Words to Gojo in Purgatory Prove to be Cruel in Latest Chapter

The recent release of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261 revealed that prior to his battle against Sukuna, Gojo Satoru had eliminated the higher-ranking members of Jujutsu High. This was a strategic move to ensure that even if he fell in battle against Sukuna, Gakuganji would be left to carry on the fight. While Gakuganji may also have manipulative tendencies, he is still a better leader than the higher-ups who exploited the younger generation for their own selfish gains.

After the revelation of this flashback, certain fans are questioning the credibility of other sorcerers who had previously belittled the Honored One before his passing. Upon Gojo’s demise, he was transported to Purgatory where he was reunited with Nanami, Geto, and all of his friends who had recently departed.

Despite Nanami’s criticism of Gojo for his single-minded pursuit of strength and lack of concern for others, ultimately leading to his longer lifespan compared to Nanami’s, a revelation in chapter 261 disproves this notion. It is revealed that Gojo had in fact put great effort into protecting his students from suffering.

This article includes the author’s opinion and may reveal potential spoilers from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Examining Nanami’s Harsh Words to Gojo After His Passing

Gojo Satoru as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)
Gojo Satoru as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)

In chapter 221 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satoru was freed from the Prism Realm. Immediately, he charged towards Sukuna, who had taken over Fushigoro Megumi as his new host. The two were on the verge of starting their battle, but Kenjaku intervened and reminded Sukuna of his promise, causing the King of Curses to halt.

After careful consideration, it was decided that Shinjuku would be the location for their anticipated fight. As the days went by, the long-awaited day of the battle finally arrived. Taking on the role of the Honored One, Gojo made a dramatic entrance by initiating the battle with his powerful Imaginary technique, Purple, thus commencing their intense fight.

Despite the lengthy battle, it ultimately concluded with the defeat of Gojo Satoru, as he was no match for Sukuna’s basic cursed technique. Upon his death, Gojo’s soul was sent to the Purgatory, where he was reunited with his fallen comrades. Among them was Geto, who greeted Gojo and made him come to terms with his defeat.

Nanami's statement to Gojo Satoru (Image via Shueisha)
Nanami’s statement to Gojo Satoru (Image via Shueisha)

As time passed, Nanami and Haibara also joined the conversation when Gojo expressed his satisfaction with dying at the hands of the strongest. Nanami pointed out that this was the reason why Gojo had outlived him. He also mentioned that Gojo’s focus on his own desires, rather than the well-being of others, was due to his status as the strongest sorcerer of the present.

Gojo Satoru was defeated by the King of Curses (Image via Shueisha)
Gojo Satoru was defeated by the King of Curses (Image via Shueisha)

After reading the entries of Masamichi Yaga, Kuroi, and Riko, Gojo couldn’t help but feel overjoyed and hoped that it wasn’t all just a dream. However, the chapter then reveals the gruesome truth – the body of Gojo Satoru, severed in half.

In chapter 261 of Jujutsu Kaisen, a flashback was revealed to a time prior to the battle of the strongest. During this time, Yuta approached Gojo and asked if he could inherit his body after the Honored One’s passing. Gojo accepted and instructed his students to leave, as he planned to eliminate the Jujutsu higher-ups.

The place where the higher-ups sit (Image via MAPPA)
The place where the higher-ups sit (Image via MAPPA)

Upon realizing that the higher-ups had perished, he acknowledged that Gakuganji would now bear the weight of all responsibilities. Gojo harbored a deep-seated resentment towards the higher-ups who would endanger students, such as Haibara and Geto, on perilous missions. Thus, he made the decision to eliminate them before engaging in the ultimate battle.

From Gojo Satoru’s point of view, Nanami’s remark in chapter 238 while they were in Purgatory may have appeared harsh. After all, he had only eliminated the higher-ups out of concern for his students. Furthermore, he had even managed to weaken the King of Curses to the point where his students could take over after his passing.

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