Jujutsu Kaisen’s Latest Cover Ignores a Major Character in the Series

The latest Weekly Shonen Jump cover features a selection of the most powerful characters from Jujutsu Kaisen, but it excludes one of them from the group of top contenders.

The Shinjuku Showdown Arc is reaching its climax as Jujutsu Kaisen has confirmed its final phase. In the battle against the most powerful enemy, all the sorcerers joined forces to defeat Sukuna, while Takaba and Yuta focused on taking down Kenjaku.

The battle against Sukuna first began in Chapter 222, more than a year ago. Since then, every formidable warrior has encountered the King of Curses, except for Kinji Hakari. Although he began his fight against Uraume in Chapter 237, it has been several months since then.

Moreover, the battle in the series has not yet reached its conclusion. As a member of Sukuna’s faction and a resident of the Heian Era, Uraume possesses immense strength. Even Hakari is struggling against the formidable Frozen Star.

Gege Akutami unveils a unique cover for the 28th edition of Weekly Shonen Jump, showcasing Yuji as the focal point with his enigmatic arm. The cover also highlights Gojo, Yuta, Choso, Maki, and Todo in white panels, while Kashimo, Higuruma, and Kenjaku are depicted in black and red segments.

Despite his absence from the cover, Hakari remains one of the most formidable characters in JJK. Even before his official introduction, Gojo recognized him as one of the few students capable of surpassing him. Despite currently being occupied with Uraume, Hakari has yet to face Sukuna in battle.

The Frozen Star taunts Hakari for his lack of strength in his cursed technique. As the battle nears its end, it is possible that Jujutsu Kaisen will bring the fight between them to a close. Hakari has been delaying Uraume’s involvement, preventing them from joining Sukuna’s side in the ongoing conflict.

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