Julien Kang’s Wedding With Girlfriend JJ: A Dream Come True, Denis Kang Makes First Trip to Korea for Brother’s Special Day

On May 10, Julien Kang and JJ revealed their plans to get married. Despite only dating for a year, the couple’s intense connection led them to make this decision. The highly anticipated wedding will be featured on the show “Lovers Of Joseon,” which both the bride and groom appear on. The event will have a unique blend of Korean and international elements, creating a cinematic experience for all to watch.

julien kang jj

As per the Western-style wedding tradition of “first look,” where the groom does not see the bride in her wedding dress until the ceremony, Julien Kang took measures to ensure that they did not cross paths beforehand. Additionally, renowned mixed martial arts fighter Dennis Kang made a special trip to Korea after 10 years to attend his brother’s wedding.

julien kang jj

The next episode of “Lovers Of Joseon”will unveil the backstory of Julien Kang and JJ’s wedding, known as the “Nice Body Couple,”which features a unique Eastern-Western fusion that is unlike any other.

“There will be a one-week break for “Lovers Of Joseon”on the 13th, with the show resuming at its regular 10 p.m. time slot on the 20th.”

The source can be found at naver.

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