K-netizens React to Apology Received by Victim of NCT’s Renjun’s Phone Number Leak

It was understood that the apology was conveyed through an article without directly contacting the victim.

The theqoo post about this has gained significant attention, reaching over 40,000 views as of the afternoon of June 21st. Here are a few comments from Korean netizens.

The artist should take full responsibility for their actions and apologize sincerely, rather than relying on a lawyer to simply state that an agreement has been reached and calling it a day.

– So, this is the way they apologize in China…

The way in which both the idol and the company are dealing with this issue is shocking, especially considering it is a large company rather than a small one.

The victim should take legal action against not only the idol and the company, but also all the fans who participated in the harassment.

Initially, I had believed that the company was effectively managing the situation based on their statement, however, as it turns out, this was not the case.

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