K-Netizens React To Le Sserafim Blocking SNS Comments To Sue Haters

A netizen posted multiple screenshots from LE SSERAFIM’s YouTube channel and the members’ social media accounts on Nate Pann. The netizen also pointed out that the comment feature has been disabled on all of these channels.

According to the netizen, haters are too busy to even delete their comments and instead choose to block malicious commenters by locking the comment sections.

the serafim
chaewon le sseraphim

Source Music recently announced their intention to take strong legal action against malicious commenters, in an effort to combat the issue.

The post can be found on the website pann.nate.com under the topic of “talk”with the post number 372672074.

As a reply, additional netizens left their comments:

– Those who refrained from leaving malicious comments are probably feeling quite relaxedㅋㅋㅋㅋ That is fortunate for them.

– ㅋㅋ Haters on Instagram can be unbearable. They used to laugh because they thought they were untouchable, but they must be feeling quite different now.

The comments on Instagram are extremely negative. I completely concur that legal action should be taken against them. Let’s fight against this!

I believe comments such as “Please explain the pro-Japanese issue”and “Please practice singing more”are acceptable, but personal attacks should not be tolerated. Despite the negative opinions towards LE SSERAFIM due to recent events, making sexual harassment comments and attacking them are malicious acts that warrant legal action.

– This is incredibly hilarious.

Although I am not a fan of the group, I still believe in taking legal action against malicious commenters. They have received excessively harsh criticism.

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