Kagurabachi Chapter 40: Kyora Sazanami Demonstrates Shinuchi Against Chihiro, While Hishaku’s Plan is Revealed

Chapter 40 of Kagurabachi was published in Weekly Shonen Jump issue #32 on Monday, July 8, 2024, at 12 am JST. In this chapter, Kyora Sazanami utilized the Shinuchi as a last resort against Chihiro Rokuhira. Despite only having access to a small portion of its powers, the sorcerer was able to turn the tide of the battle.

Despite the challenges faced in the previous chapter of Kagurabachi, Chihiro Rokuhira’s brilliance prevailed as he outsmarted Kyora Sazanami and swiftly defeated him with the powerful Enten. Along with the aid of Hakuri, who created a deceptive image to confuse the leader of the Sazanami clan, Chihiro’s victory was secured. However, Kyora’s determination to succeed in the Rakuzaichi auction led him to contemplate utilizing the Shinuchi Enchanted Blade.

Kagurabachi Chapter 40 Highlights: Hishaku’s Plan for the Shinuchi Blade Revealed

Following the events of the previous chapter, chapter 40 of Kagurabachi begins with Kyora Sazanami making plans to showcase Shinuchi’s powers to the audience. This demonstration will also involve using Shinuchi against Chihiro. The crowd in the Rakuzaichi auction room, including the Kamunabi sorcerers, eagerly anticipates Kyora’s actions.

Sensing danger, Chihiro utilizes Kuro on the ground where Kyora is concealed, resembling a cocoon. The story in chapter 40 of Kagurabachi then takes a turn into a flashback, showcasing Shiba’s speculation on the Hishaku’s intentions. The sorcerer concludes that the Hishaku are holding an auction for the Shinuchi in order to secure the Kamunabi bid for it.

Although they successfully stole the Enchanted Blade, they are unable to use it without the original user’s demise. However, the Kamunabi have strict security measures in place for the original users, making it impossible for them to infiltrate and carry out their plan.

Shiba (top) and Kamunabi (bottom) in the chapter (Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)
Shiba (top) and Kamunabi (bottom) in the chapter (Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)

Shiba understands that if Kamunabi were to obtain the blade, it would create a diversion, giving the Hishaku an opportunity to terminate the original users and break the Eternal Contracts.

In Kagurabachi chapter 40, Shiba informs Chihiro that the seals on Shinuchi were placed by the higher-ups from Kamunabi, who have the exclusive ability to open them through bio-authentication. This confirms what Chihiro’s father, Kunishige Rokuhira, had previously told him about Shinuchi being an aberrant and thus heavily guarded compared to the other Enchanted Blades.

There is an alternative method for unsealing the box, which requires the user to carefully examine the sealing formula and then remove the shackles. However, Shiba believes that even a skilled sorcerer would need at least ten years to successfully open it.

Hishaku's leader, as seen in the chapter (Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)
Hishaku’s leader, as seen in the chapter (Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)

Upon returning to the present, Chihiro takes notice of Shinuchi’s box resting on the ground, its seals now undone. In chapter 40 of Kagurabachi, the focus shifts to the leader of the Hishaku, engaged in conversation with another member. The enigmatic leader divulges that it had taken him a grueling three years to unlock the box.

The other Hishaku member inquires if it is acceptable for Kyora to wield the blade. The leader responds that there is a potential danger in demonstrating the blade’s true powers while the original user is still alive. Therefore, he proposes using Kyora as a test subject to see the outcome when the Sazanami leader wields the blade.

Kagurabachi Chapter 40: Kyora Wields Shinuchi Against Chihiro, While a Familiar Face Arrives for Help

Chapter 40 of Kagurabachi changes the spotlight to the battle between Chihiro and Kyora Sazanami. Chihiro becomes unsettled by Kyora’s presence as the sorcerer appears from the ground. With blackened eyes, Kyora holds the unsheathed Shinuchi.

In an unexpected turn, Kagurabachi chapter 40 showcases a panel depicting the original user of Shinuchi, reciting Magatsumi (Curved Sin). Although the chapter does not explicitly state it, it is possible that Magatsumi is the original name for Shinuchi.

Kyora (left) and the original use of Shinuchi (right) in the chapter (Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)
Kyora (left) and the original use of Shinuchi (right) in the chapter (Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)

After that, the chapter depicts Kyora standing in a pool of blood, as the blade continues to drip with blood. From the blood, enigmatic flowers begin to bloom, and a butterfly gracefully flies towards the blade. As the butterfly comes into contact with Kyora’s hand, his Spirit Energy transforms into a colossal butterfly.

The sorcerer finally breaks his silence, coming to the realization that he is unable to draw the Enchanted Blade from its sheath. This leaves Chihiro shocked and confused, as he questions whether the sorcerer before him is truly Kyora Sazanami or if he is being controlled by someone else.

Hiyuki in Kagurabachi chapter 40 (Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)
Hiyuki in Kagurabachi chapter 40 (Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)

Chihiro understands that Shinuchi has the ability to cut even with just a fraction of its powers as the sorcerer charges at her with the blade still in its sheath.

At the same time, in Kagurabachi chapter 40, the focus shifts to Hakuri, who seems to be worn out. Out of nowhere, he becomes aware of Hiyuki Kagari standing behind him. The chapter concludes with Hiyuki appearing determined yet anxious about the current state of affairs.

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