Karina’s Journey to Becoming a Flight Attendant Before Debuting with aespa, I Was Good at Chinese

On June 7, Hyeri posted a video on her YouTube channel featuring aespa’s Karina as a guest, titled “Karina with a pretty name.”In the video, Hyeri praised Karina’s appearance and skills, stating, “She has flawless looks and talent.”

When asked about her first impression, Karina complimented Hyeri, saying, “You look like a real celebrity. People around me mentioned your small face and now I can see it for myself. You truly have the qualities of an idol.”

karina aespa

Upon seeing Rina for the first time, Hyeri was astounded by her large eyes. She couldn’t help but make a comparison to the exaggerated eyes often depicted in comic books and saw Rina as a real-life version of that. As she sat across from Rina, Hyeri couldn’t help but think, “Wow, you’re also beautiful.”

Hyeri inquired, “The question that was asked most often to Karina was, ‘What goes through your mind when you look in the mirror?’ Karina couldn’t help but burst into laughter and responded, ‘I simply just look in the mirror.’”

karina aespa

“Hyeri asked Karina for her opinion on everyone calling her pretty. Karina jokingly questioned if it was because her name meant ‘pretty’, causing Hyeri to burst into laughter. Karina clarifies that she was just making a joke and not actually claiming to be pretty, referencing a popular internet meme.”

Karina was asked what she would have pursued if she had not become an idol. She shared, “I was actually getting ready to become a flight attendant. I even went to a Chinese language academy to prepare for that career.”Hyeri was taken aback and asked, “Do you still speak Chinese then?”to which Karina responded, “I used to be proficient, but I have forgotten a lot now. I can only comprehend what I hear.”

Afterwards, Hyeri and Karina impressed everyone with their remarkable abilities to speak Chinese. Karina praised Hyeri, stating, “You have a good grasp on Chinese and your pronunciation is excellent.”She also revealed that she has been studying Chinese since she was in kindergarten.

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