Kep1er: Using Hand-me-downs from IZ*ONE and Financial Struggles at Their Company

Most recently, Lee Chaeyeon, a former member of IZ*ONE, hosted a talk show featuring 4 members from the girl group Kep1er.


During the discussion about dorm life, the Kep1er members revealed that several items in their dorm, such as the TV, sofa, and fridge, were actually hand-me-downs from IZ*ONE.

Upon hearing this, Chaeyeon inquired with Kep1er about how the group had discovered this information. In response, Kep1er disclosed that they had found a note in the freezer that read “da best Hitomi”in reference to former IZ*ONE member Hitomi.


Furthermore, Chaeyeon disclosed that IZ*ONE faced a similar situation where items previously utilized by WANNA ONE were handed down to them.

After discovering these fascinating facts, supporters of Kep1er, IZ*ONE, and WANNA ONE formed a strong bond and felt a sense of kinship. Some even playfully referred to the three groups as part of a “Mnet family tree”.

Despite this, some fans began questioning the actions of Kep1er’s company, WakeOne. This was mainly due to the fact that WANNA ONE had debuted in 2017 and the items used by the group were likely from seven years ago, making them potentially unsuitable for use in the present day.

wanna one

Furthermore, since each of the 3 groups achieved a significant level of success in their respective careers, it is unlikely that the company is facing financial difficulties to the extent that they have to provide hand-me-downs to all of the groups.

“A fan exclaimed, “Where the hell is all the money going?”They also noted that each member of the group is a million seller.

The source of the information is Krb.

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