Kick Streamer YourRAGE Shares Update on Bloody Eye Injury: I Can’t See

Streamer FaZe YourRAGE has given an update on his wood-chopping injury, which has caused temporary blindness in one of his eyes.

On July 2, 2024, a “Lumberjack stream”was hosted by YourRAGE on Kick. During the stream, his axe broke while chopping a wood block and struck him in the eye, resulting in him being rushed to the hospital with a bloody eye.

With Rage abruptly ending his stream and disappearing from social media, worried viewers have turned to his fellow streamer companions for any updates. During a recent Twitch stream on July 5, FaZe member Plaqueboymax shared some concerning news, stating, “He is unable to see out of his eye”and adding, “The swelling is internal.”

Nevertheless, YourRAGE released a complete 15-minute YouTube video on July 7, detailing the incident as it occurred and giving an update on his injured eye.

YourRAGE explained that they had initially thought the stream would only last 20-30 minutes. They took full responsibility for their lack of goggles, stating that it was their own fault.

He exclaimed, “It all happened in a split second. I initially believed that the upper part of the axe had struck me. I thought I had accidentally hit myself with the axe, you know? But then I realized it was the bottom part. That’s how rapidly it all occurred.”

Despite being taken to the hospital for a check-up, Rage was only given medication and eye drops and assured that he would be fine. However, the next day he woke up with a bloody eye and had to urgently see an Ophthalmologist for treatment.

According to YourRAGE, the process involved injecting various liquids into his eye, causing it to become liquidized. He also mentioned that he had ten different drops placed in his eye and used a machine to examine it, which revealed a significant amount of inflammation in his cornea.

“But it’s comparable to my retina and optical nerve, it’s a severe injury that will require a significant amount of time to heal. It’s a difficult situation. However, he mentioned that I am incredibly fortunate that it’s not a complete loss of vision.”

“He prescribed me some intense eye drops, with five different bottles that each serve a specific purpose… I must stay on top of my treatment or the recovery process will be prolonged or even unsuccessful. Therefore, I am committed to taking my medication diligently without missing a single dose. I have a follow-up appointment scheduled for next week.”

He concluded by stating: “As the swelling and inflammation decrease and my eye heals, my vision should gradually return day by day.”

Despite the streamer’s recovery, fans continued to send him countless messages of support. “I hope you get well soon. Losing your sight must be terrifying, but I pray for a speedy resolution,”one person replied.

“I understand how this situation can be emotionally draining. It takes strength to keep going. Another fan expressed their support, while others joined in with encouraging words. It must be a terrifying ordeal, but I am glad to see you are making progress towards recovery. My thoughts are with you, Rage.”

Despite not announcing a specific return date for creating content and streaming, YourRAGE reassured fans that he will be back as soon as possible. The popular Kick streamer stated, “I will return with the next update whenever I am able. I am eager to stream and I am doing my best to make it happen. My goal is to get back to streaming as soon as I can.”

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