Kim Heechul’s Financial Struggle: I’ve Loaned and Lost 500 Million Won to Friends

On July 9th, a video was released featuring Super Junior’s Kim Heechul as a guest.

MC Jang Sung-kyu, who visited Kim Heechul’s house in the video, was surprised not only by the luxuriousness of his house, but also by his consumption of three bottles of alcohol that were worth approximately 1.2 million won (equivalent to 860 USD) at a gathering.

Jang recalled, “Seok-hoon suggested purchasing one bottle, but you insisted, ‘No, I’ll cover the cost. I have an abundance of cash that I couldn’t possibly spend in my lifetime.’”

kim hee chul

Upon receiving this response, Kim Heechul calmly stated, “I wonder if Seo Jang-hoon and Kang Ho-dong share the same sentiment. I do, in fact, have an abundance of wealth.”

Despite this, Kim Heechul later shared that he had lent money to friends with the best of intentions when he first debuted. He had hoped for their loyalty in return, but unfortunately, none of the money was ever repaid.

Upon hearing this, Jang inquired, “Have you ever determined the total amount that remains unpaid?”

In response, Kim Heechul made a hand gesture representing the number 5, indicating that the money he had lent and never received back amounted to 500 million won (equivalent to approximately 361,000 USD). The male idol then mentioned that only Shindong had repaid him.

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