Kim Jun-su Opens Up About TV Appearance Restrictions After Leaving SM, “I Was Cut Out of Programs”

On June 7th, the YouTube channel “Zip Daesung” posted a new video titled “2nd generation idol reunion” . The video features Kim Jun-su as a special guest on Daesung’s YouTube content, engaging in a genuine conversation.

The production team informed Kim Jun-su that his first stage in six years would be EBS Space. In response, Kim Jun-su revealed that EBS Space was not a typical program for idol singers, allowing for more creative freedom.

kim junsu

The producer and writer of the broadcast affirmed that it didn’t matter, for which I was extremely grateful. They were the first ones to reach out to me.

Thinking back on the past, Kim Jun-su shared, “I remember participating in a soccer tournament with the celebrities’ soccer club. Entertainment Weekly came to film us and interviewed not only the actors and idols, but also myself. However, I was aware that I couldn’t appear on TV, so I informed them of this. Despite this, they reassured me and I did the interview, although it ultimately did not make it onto the show.”

kim junsu

He went on to say, “Performing on stage had its limitations. My fans may not have been aware, but I also had some shootings that never made it to air.”

Although he admitted to considering giving up at that point, Kim Jun-su decided to continue trying despite his uncertainty about how long he could persevere. He expressed his appreciation to EBS Space, stating that it had been six years since he last performed on a music stage and he felt extremely grateful for the opportunity.

After his debut as a member of TVXQ, a boy group under SM Entertainment in 2004, Kim Jun-su went on to leave the company and re-debut with Kim Jae-joong and Park Yoo-chung as JYJ. However, the trio faced challenges in their careers due to limitations on their TV appearances after their departure from SM.

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