Kim Soo-hyun & Ahn Yu-jin’s Baeksang Interaction Draws Attention: Their Age Gap Is 15 Years?

At the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards this year, Kim Soo-hyun and IVE’s Ahn Yu-jin both received the Popularity Award. After giving their speeches on stage, the two went backstage and took a photo together in a photobooth provided by Baeksang. While Yu-jin posed confidently for the camera, Kim Soo-hyun followed her lead with shyness.

an yu jin-kim soo hyun

Upon taking the photo together, Yu-jin presented Kim Soo-hyun with IVE’s album, which had been signed by the entire group, as a token of appreciation.

Following the event, numerous individuals were taken aback upon discovering the 15-year age gap between the two. Kim Soo-hyun’s youthful appearance allows him to not appear too aged when standing next to the 2003-born idol Ahn Yu-jin.

an yu jin-kim soo hyun

Upon seeing the photos, online users remarked, “Wow, they have a 15-year age difference? I thought they were only a few years apart,””Kim Soo-hyun is incredibly youthful-looking. It’s hard to believe there’s such a big age gap between them,””Kim Soo-hyun is too young to be referred to as ‘uncle’,””Yu-jin has a strikingly beautiful face. She would be perfect for a villainous role,”and more.

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