KISS OF LIFE’s Latest MV ‘Sticky’ Divides Fans — Here’s Why

The upcoming premiere of K-pop newcomer sensation KISS OF LIFE’s newest music video “Sticky”has sparked a passionate discussion among fans from both local and global communities.

The band, renowned for their daring and seductive persona, hinted at the upcoming release of their video on June 30, 2024 (KST), vowing a “hot girl anthem”that would highlight their skills and individualities.

As anticipated, “Sticky”showcases the members in provocative ensembles and executing choreography that exudes self-assurance and charm.

Shortly after its debut, clips from “Sticky”quickly spread on social media, eliciting strong responses from fans all around the globe.

The group received praise from international fans for their fresh and irresistible vibe in the K-Pop scene. They were applauded for their unabashed embrace of a sexy and sporty concept.

Nevertheless, the reaction within Korea was more split.

COMMENTS (Photo : Youtube)

Despite receiving praise from some fans for its boldness and artistic expression, KISS OF LIFE’s video also faced criticism for allegedly over-sexualizing the members.

A tweet that went viral accused the group’s management of taking advantage of their reputation as “hot girls”and called for measures to protect the members from potential sexual harassment.

“If the group’s reputation has been set in stone as the “hot girls”of K-Pop, then it should be the management’s absolute goal to keep that heat under control to protect the members from sexual harassment. It should also be the management who guides the group to keep their original identities rooted in the concept of being “fun and free.”Right now, KISS OF LIFE is going the complete opposite direction that it should be venturing.”

Similarly, another individual expressed opinions that were supported by a considerable number of Korean fans.

“KISS OF LIFE should maintain their initial identity of being fun and free, rather than falling into the trap of over-sexualization.”

On the other hand, defenders of the group refuted these accusations by stating that the idea of “Sticky”aligned with the group’s existing reputation and that the backlash was unjustified.

Forums such as theqoo sparked discussions about the similarities between KISS OF LIFE and previous K-Pop groups like SISTAR, indicating that the approach taken by the former was not entirely new or inherently controversial.

COMMENTS (Photo : theqoo)
  • “It’s probably because it’s not my type, but if I think of it as just a passing glance, overall it looks refreshing and not bad. But why did my type turn out like that?Feels like I might get a surprise attack right from behind…”
  • “It’s petite and cute, so what’s so sexy about it… The backup dancers next to her are sexier.”
  • “Aside from the music video, the song is good.”
  • “I really like Ki-off and I’m a fan who got into them by watching and listening to their story of forming a legendary group by gathering legendary members themselves, not by training like idols these days, but I can’t empathize with exactly the same part? Some parts that were not so good, except for that bicycle scene, I don’t know.”

One member of the group stood up for their artistic decisions.

“The MV looks fine overall. The members are happy doing what they do.”

The discussion highlights the difficulties that girl groups encounter while trying to strike a delicate balance between exploring mature themes and keeping their fanbase’s support.

Despite being relatively new to the industry, KISS OF LIFE has already established a unique niche with their provocative style, although they have faced resistance in doing so.

COMMENTS (Photo : theqoo)
  • “I really like it. Both the song and the choreography.”
  • “Full of energy and just pretty”
  • “Just a sexy group.. Back in the y2k era, sexy female singers were more provocative than this, but come to think of it, there haven’t been many successful sexy concept groups like this in recent years.”
  • “Great song, great choreography, they’re good at everything. Overall styling is nice but Bell’s a bit too teen? It’s personally a bit disappointing. But seeing the reactions, maybe it’s fortunate that there’s still room for improvement.”

Despite the ongoing clash of opinions, it is evident that KISS OF LIFE’s “Sticky”has sparked a conversation that goes beyond just entertainment, shedding light on larger societal perspectives on femininity and artistic expression within the world of K-Pop.

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