Lee Hyori’s Family Dynamics: Her Resentment Towards Her Mother for Not Protecting Her from Her Father

During the sixth episode of JTBC’s variety show “Mom, Do You Want to Go on a Trip Alone?” that aired on June 30th, Lee Hyori and her mother’s travels from Gyeongju to Geoje were further explored.

During the episode, Lee Hyori mentioned previous conflicts with her mother, but her mother declined to address them, stating, “Let’s move on. Our arguments have been the focus of this trip. We have already discussed them enough.”

As they lay side by side, Lee Hyori opened up to her mother, confessing, “I had a realization today about my emotions. I finally came to understand the source of the pain inside me. Can you guess what it is? I used to believe it was because of dad, but now I know it’s because of you, mom.”

Lee Hyori

Despite her mother’s explanation, Lee Hyori still harbored a deep desire for her mother to have taken her and gone somewhere. However, her mother reminded her that she simply did not have the means to support their family of four without her husband’s help.

Lee Hyori inquired, “Did you anticipate that it would be difficult for me?”Her mother responded, “I did, but I was unable to change the situation.”Lee Hyori then conveyed, “That’s what I found upsetting. It still brings me sadness.”

Despite her mother’s attempts to end the conversation and go home, Lee Hyori insisted on continuing and reminded her of her previous statement about wanting to hear her out. She continued to express that her mother’s actions were the root cause of the issue, saying, “You failed to protect me.”

Despite her mother’s repeated explanations that there was nothing she could have done and nowhere she could have taken her, Lee Hyori responded with a realization that someone she didn’t love could not hurt her. She expressed frustration at seeing the person she loved in a vulnerable and powerless state, and harbored resentment towards the idea that her childhood environment could have been improved had her mother done something differently.

Ultimately, Lee Hyori opened up about her innermost musings, exposing her enduring emotions and the lingering anguish she carries.

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