Lee Jin-ho Discusses Jennie’s Vaping Controversy: Unspoken Rule Among Staff

On July 10th, Lee Jin-ho, who had previously worked as a reporter but now has a YouTube channel, posted a video addressing the controversy surrounding BLACKPINK Jennie’s alleged indoor smoking.

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Jennie shared a Vlog video of her itinerary in Capri Island, Italy on her YouTube channel. The scene in question caused controversy as it showed the female idol receiving makeup application.

Jennie was caught on video vaping in the midst of several staff members who were tending to her makeup. The incident sparked controversy as Jennie exhaled smoke in the direction of one of the staff members.

jennie smoke

According to Lee Jin-ho, “Based on reports from on-site employees, it appears that not only Jennie, but also numerous other celebrities use e-cigarettes during photoshoots or while having their makeup done.”

Lee Jin-ho revealed that there is an unwritten expectation within the industry for celebrities. Due to the strict dietary restrictions that come with photoshoots, they often become highly sensitive. To cope with this stress, many turn to smoking e-cigarettes as it is seen as the only acceptable means of relief. In fact, some staff members believe it is more beneficial to allow celebrities to smoke e-cigarettes rather than endure their frustration on set.

One concern is that celebrities could be easily exposed if they smoke outdoors, which could harm their public image. As a result, agencies may advise celebrities to smoke indoors instead.

Lee Jin-ho brought up the question, “If a celebrity wants to smoke on set, how many staff members would be able to intervene?”This highlights the dynamic between staff and celebrities.

Meanwhile, following the vaping controversy that arose, Jennie’s personal label OA released a statement of apology. They stated, “Jennie takes full responsibility for her actions of vaping indoors and recognizes the inconvenience it may have caused to the staff. She has personally apologized to all the on-site staff who may have been affected.”

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