Lee Yeon-hee’s Pregnancy Announcement After Four Years Of Marriage

Lee Yeon-hee expressed her gratitude for the precious life that has come to her. She had been contemplating when to share the news, and has now decided that it is an appropriate time to inform others. Therefore, she is sharing the news in this manner.

Lee Yeon-hee
lee yeon hee

“Despite everything, I still feel amazed and it all seems surreal. I am making an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle every day,”she shared. She also expressed her hope that her beloved fans will share in her happiness and offer their congratulations.

According to Saram Entertainment, the agency representing Lee Yeon-hee, they have announced that a new member has been welcomed into her family. They also expressed their gratitude and requested for blessings and support for both Lee Yeon-hee and her expected baby, who is due to arrive in September of this year.

In 2020, Lee Yeon-hee tied the knot with a non-celebrity who was two years younger than her.

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