Lesser Known Serafim More Popular than Major Brands in Japan

On June 5, a post titled “Recent Direct Sales of 4th Generation Girl Groups’ Album in Japan Shocks Korean Forum ‘Instiz’” was shared on the Korean forum “Instiz” .

Based on this subject, the direct sales of LE SSERAFIM, IVE, NewJeans, and aespa’s latest releases in Japan are outlined below:

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  1. LE SSERAFIM’s “Easy” – 140,307 copies
  2. IVE’s “Ive SWITCH” – 41,522 copies
  3. NewJeans’s “How Sweet” – 36,260 copies
  4. aespa’s Armageddon – 10,569 copies

It is evident that the combined sales of IVE, NewJeans, and aespa are 88,351 copies, which further highlights the fact that LE SSERAFIM’s album sales alone exceed those of the other groups. This clearly demonstrates the immense popularity of the group in Japan.

Upon viewing these figures, numerous internet users were taken aback, with some speculating that this could be attributed to the already established popularity of LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura in Japan.

Displayed below are a few remarks from internet users:

  • Isn’t Sakura already popular in Japan before LE SSERAFIM? The sales make sense
  • There is Sakura, but LE SSERAFIM only sold 140,000 copies? She has been active there for like 10 years
  • Why are aespa’s sales so low? Is it because the album is newly released?
  • Wow so LE SSERAFIM is the most popular in Japan. The gap is shocking
  • Despite everything, LE SSERAFIM’s popularity in Japan cannot be refuted

The information was obtained from Instiz’s website (https://www.instiz.net/name_enter/92419321).

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