Lisa Teases Upcoming Solo Comeback with 14-Second Video, Describing Herself as a Rockstar!

On the evening of June 13, after teasing fans all week, Lisa finally released the first teaser for her highly anticipated solo comeback. The 14-second video features Lisa’s stunning golden ratio body, highlighting her long legs and tiny waist, leaving viewers captivated.

Despite the lack of details about the melody in the teaser, towards the end of the clip, if one pays close attention, Lisa gives a hint at the lyrics of the song with the line “Baby I’m a rockstar.”

This teaser has sparked excitement online, as many are predicting that Lisa’s return will be dynamic and energetic, featuring a rock music sound.

Lisa’s new video teases her comeback.

blackpink lisa
blackpink lisa

Lisa left a message for her fans, known as Lilies, in the comments, asking, “Do you all like it, Lilies?” It has been a while since her solo release of “LALISA”in 2021, so fans are excited and eagerly awaiting Lisa’s solo comeback.

Previously, a fan who participated in the dancer audition for Lisa’s MV in Thailand shared their account. However, they were not chosen as the call was exclusively for female dancers. This information has caused fans to speculate that Lisa’s MV will be dynamic, showcasing powerful and alluring female dancers.

blackpink lisa
Lisa’s message to Her fandom, Lilies
blackpink lisa

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