Locations and Rewards for All Paintings in Elden Ring Shadow of Erdtree

Elden Ring’s Shadow of Erdtree offers players a multitude of unique content to discover and explore. The game’s expansive offerings go beyond just a typical DLC, evident in the Paintings found scattered throughout the Shadow Realm.

In the Shadow Realm, there exist three Paintings that must be found and their exact location in the landscape must be determined. Upon doing so, rewards can be obtained from the spirit of the artist.

Where are the Paintings located in Elden Ring?

The three Paintings are located in different parts of the Shadow Realm. The specific locations of the Paintings are-

  1. The Incursion Painting is located in the Gravesite Plain. If you head south from the Cliffside Terminus Site of Grace, you will come across the artist’s shack.
  2. The Sacred Tower Painting can be found near the Scorched Ruins waypoint, with statues directing towards the cave where the painting is located.
  3. The Domain of Dragons Painting can be found in the Specimen Storehouse’s underground room in the Shadow Keep.

Location of the Incursion Painting

Incursion Painting Location
Incursion Painting Location | Source: In-game screenshot

The first painting we will discuss is the Incursion Painting, which can be found in the Gravesite Plain region. A map indicating the precise location of the Incursion painting in Elden Ring is available for reference.

Incursion Painting
Incursion Painting | Source: In-game screenshot

To reach the Incursion painting, make your way to the Main Gate Cross Site of Grace, located near the Belurat Tower Settlement. Once there, take a moment to observe your surroundings and the direction you have come from. You will notice a narrow cliffside that can be accessed to find a path. Follow this path until you come across the Cliffside Terminus Site of Grace.

Begin by heading south from the Cliffside Terminus Site of Grace until you come across an aged shack. This structure is known as the Artist’s Shack; once inside, interact with the painting to acquire and store it.

2.1 Rewards of the Incursion Painting

Serpent Crest
Serpent Crest | Source: In-game screenshot

Each painting offers a distinct reward that can be obtained by following a specific route. Begin by heading north from the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace until you come across an archway. From there, continue towards the rocky mountain located near the archway.

Location of the Sacred Tower Painting

Scorched Ruins Map
Scorched Ruins Map | Source: In-game screenshot

The Sacred Tower Painting is quite easy to locate in comparison to the others. It is possible that you have already come across it during your travels.

Sacred Tower Painting
Sacred Tower Painting | Source: In-game screenshot

To acquire the Sacred Tower Painting, make your way to the Scorched Ruins Site of Grace. Once there, direct your gaze towards the bottom of the plateau on your right. You will notice a few statues pointing towards a small cave, which is where the painting can be found.

3.1 Rewards of the Sacred Tower Painting

Spiraltree Seal
Spiraltree Seal | Source: In-game screenshot

The Sacreed Tower Painting grants the Spiraltree Seal as its reward, which boasts a Str E and Fai C rating. To equip this seal, one must have a minimum Str of 8 and Fai of 17.

To claim the Sacred Tower Painting reward, make your way to the Rauh Base. Continue in a south-west direction and you will eventually come across the Nameless Mausoleum. Behind this Mausoleum lies the spirit of the Artist, where you can obtain the painting.

4. Where to Find the Domain of Dragons Painting

Domain of Dragons Location
Domain of Dragons Location | Source: In-game screenshot

The location of the Domain of Dragons has been indicated on the map above for your convenience. Your destination is the Jagged Peak, where you can acquire the Domain of Dragons painting. Continue your journey through Shadow Keep until you reach the path that will lead you to the Specimen Storehouse.

Domain of Dragon Painting
Domain of Dragon Painting | Source: In-game screenshot

Vanquish the Tiny Knights and Fire Knight guards. Direct your attention to the left to spot a ladder. From there, proceed down the following ladders until you reach a small room. Within that room lies the Painting.

Rewards of the Domain of Dragons Painting

Rock Heart | Source: In-game screenshot

To claim the prize for this artwork, you must make your way to the summit of the Jagged Peak. The Rock Heart is a powerful object that transforms your humanoid body into that of a dragon. It is one of only two items with this ability and will enhance your Dragon Communion spells while boosting all of your defense stats.

5. About Elden Ring

FromSoftware, the developers of Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and the Dark Souls franchise, released the highly anticipated title Elden Ring in 2022. Set in the ‘Lands Between’, players embark on a journey to repair the Elden Ring and claim the title of Elden Lord.

Released in June 2024, Shadow of the Erdtree is a complete expansion for Elden Ring. It introduces a new map with fresh Weapons, Sorceries, Ashes, and Craftables. This challenging DLC offers players daily surprises and hidden easter eggs as they navigate and uncover all it has to offer.

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