Longlegs Star’s Health Scare Triggered by Nicolas Cage’s Portrayal of Serial Killer

Despite the mysterious identity of Nicolas Cage’s Longlegs killer, he had a significant effect on star Maika Monroe, causing her heart rate to skyrocket to a dangerous level.

Longlegs has truly had one of the most successful marketing campaigns in recent history, utilizing a variety of techniques such as cryptic teasers and surprise phone messages.

Despite ongoing updates, the Neon horror movie has maintained an air of secrecy around Cage’s character, the serial killer, by only releasing small glimpses and soundbites. This strategy ensures that the full experience of the film is saved for the cinema.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more excited, the studio released a video showcasing Monroe’s first encounter with Cage’s Longlegs – resulting in her heart rate skyrocketing to 170 beats per minute.

According to the passage, Maika Monroe first laid eyes on Nicolas Cage as Longlegs in the next scene. It is stated that the sound of Maika’s heartbeat will be heard next.

The scene features Cage’s character with his signature white hair, holding a clapperboard in front of his face, before transitioning to Monroe’s character, Lee Harker, an FBI agent, standing in a hallway.

Upon entering the room and sitting down, Longlegs lets out a whimper of excitement while her rapidly increasing heartbeat can be heard in the background.

The teaser discloses that her resting heart rate fell within the average range of 60 to 100 bpm, specifically at 76 bpm.

Concluding with a statement from Monroe, she recalls, “My encounter with Nicolas Cage as Longlegs was a visceral moment that will stay with me forever.”

Neon adds to the intrigue by obscuring Cage’s face, preserving the element of surprise for the audience in the theater.

The horror movie community continues to praise Longlegs’ promotional campaign with their latest move, as one fan wrote, “Whoever is in charge of marketing for this film deserves an award, they are simply god tier.”

Another person remarked, “The excessive hype and marketing for Longlegs is unbelievable. This movie is destined to become a cult favorite in the horror genre.”

A third person praised, “This is some of the most brilliant marketing I’ve witnessed in years,”as a fourth person joined in, “Perkins made a genius decision by keeping her away until they filmed the scene.”

The film Longlegs will be released in theaters on July 12th.

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