Love Is Blind Sweden Couple Sparks Pregnancy Rumors with Romantic Photo

Amanda and Sergio have become the first Love Is Blind Sweden couple to welcome a baby, but they may not be the only ones starting a family.

It has been just over a year since the first Love Is Blind Sweden couples said their vows and became married.

Despite the passage of time, it is evident that their love remains strong, particularly for Amanda and Sergio, who joyfully welcomed their first child together in May.

It is possible that their son will not be the only child to emerge from the Swedish spin-off. Rumors have been circulating that another couple from the show will be expanding their family in the near future.

On June 2, Krisse-Ly and Rasmus posted several photos on social media that indicated the same thing.

To begin with, the initial picture showed Krisse-Ly and her friend placing their hands over one side of their faces, as if they were divulging a secret. The subsequent photo captures Krisse-Ly and Rasmus sitting side by side, both forming a heart shape over Krisse-Ly’s stomach.

To make matters even better, the song that accompanied the photo was titled “Sweet Child Of Mine.”

Based on the numerous congratulatory messages left in the comments section of their IG page, including one from their former co-star Amanda, it can be inferred that people are viewing this as a hint towards the couple’s possible pregnancy.

The discussion was taken to Reddit by fans, who concluded that this was probably the couple’s subtle way of announcing the news publicly.

A fan eagerly exclaimed, “This is definitely a pregnancy announcement, no doubt about it!”

“A different fan also commented, stating, “If it’s not, then it’s a strange pose… Congratulations!”

Only the passing of time will reveal whether or not the fans’ beliefs were accurate, or if the photo was simply a result of a misinterpretation.

Rumors about a potential relationship have been circulating regarding Cole Barnett, another star from LIB. This speculation arose after he posted a photo with a new woman, leading some to believe that they were dating. However, he promptly addressed the matter on social media and clarified that she was just a friend, proving that fans’ assumptions are not always accurate.

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