“Lucky” Newbie Palworld Player Surprises With Super Rare Catch

Palworld is full of opportunities where players can get very lucky. This just happened to one of them who was voted the luckiest person in the game by the community.

The huge world of Palworld offers a ton of content. Between capturing new Pals and creating bases, there is something for everyone. Although most items can be crafted, some rely entirely on luck.

For some players, getting the best loot might never happen. However, one of them exceeded all expectations with his luck. Palworld players were surprised when a player had a string of lucky breaks.

The Palworld community can’t believe this player’s luck

YouTube user Spinky posted a video of his first playthrough of Palword as he captured a level 38 Mammorest, one of the strongest early game Pals with a 0.01% chance. The video was reposted on Reddit by u/Unhappy_Panic_1875. The community then voted the user “Luckiest Palworld Player” .

Luckiest Palworld Player? byu/Unhappy_Panic_1875 inPalworld

We can say that the players were quite surprised since many thought it was impossible to get a capture with a chance of 0.01%. “Not only did you get a FLOWER Gumoss, but also a 0.1% to 3% chance of capturing that Mammorest… man…”added a Palworld player.

One player humorously said: “I hate you so much”before admitting he was “actually impressed”. Some players couldn’t believe the player pulled this off. As they said: “Ohh that’s bullshit!! I have a 70% chance of capture and these Little Smarties still escape. I’ve never seen such a slim chance succeed.”

While there were some claims of using the “catch rate mod”to make it easier, others were unhappy with how their captures were failing even with high odds. Some even went so far as to call the video “fake.” They claimed it was too good to be true in Palworld.

Whether the exploit is real or fake remains a matter of debate in the Palworld community. It’s clear, however, that most players were quite impressed with how well the original creator pulled off the capture.

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