M Bison: A Familiar and Fresh Face in Latest Street Fighter 6 Trailer

Despite his presumed death, M. Bison makes a comeback in Street Fighter 6 as one of the Year 2 Character DLCs. In the recently released gameplay trailer, fans get a glimpse of his updated appearance, a hint at his evolving character arc, and a preview of his new moves.

Despite losing his memories, the hooded and long-haired M. Bison has not lost his desire for power. In the recently revealed gameplay, M. Bison is able to use his signature Psycho Crusher move as a regular move once again, as opposed to it being limited to a super move in Street Fighter 5. However, it appears that his fireball move from the Alpha series and Street Fighter 5 has not made a comeback.

According to the official Street Fighter 6 Steam page, M. Bison will now have access to a new move called the Psycho Mine. By using his Backfist Combo, Bison can plant these mines on his opponents. The mines will explode if Bison hits them again with the Backfist Combo, Psycho Crusher Attack, or Devil Reverse, or if enough time has passed. However, opponents can prevent this by attacking Bison before the mines detonate.

In addition to his disheveled appearance, M. Bison is joined by a horse during his entrance, victory pose, and in World Tour Mode. This adds to his Horseman of the Apocalypse persona, and could also be a subtle nod to the 1994 live action Street Fighter movie. In the film, Raul Julia portrays M. Bison and a painting of him riding a horse can be seen in his base, as shown in the clip below.

The iconic outfit of Bison, which was featured in the 1994 live action film, will not be forgotten as it will make an appearance in Street Fighter 6 as his second outfit. If the upcoming DLC fighters follow the same pattern as previous characters, players will have the opportunity to obtain Bison’s second outfit for free by increasing his Bond level in World Tour Mode.

Furthermore, Bison’s addition to the character roster won’t keep players waiting for long. His release is set for June 26, just a little over a month after Akuma’s release. Given that EVO is scheduled for July 19 to 21 this year, Bison may also be allowed for use in the tournament, similar to how Rashid was permitted last year.

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