Madden NFL 25 Minimum and Recommended System Requirements Listed

The official announcement for Madden NFL 25 has been made, and a full reveal is scheduled for June 13, 2024. However, the game is already available for pre-order and store pages for all platforms have been launched. It will also be released for PC, similar to the previous Madden NFL games, and technical specifications are now available on Steam. The minimum and recommended system requirements for Madden NFL 25 have been officially revealed.

Madden NFL 25 System Requirements

Minimum Recommended
YOU Windows 10 – 64-Bit Windows 10 – 64-Bit
CPU Intel Core i7-6700K (4-cores; 8-threads)AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Intel Core i7-8700K (6-core; 12-thread)AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
RAM 10 GB 12 GB
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GBM Radeon RX 570 4GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 8GBAMD RX 6600 XT 8GB
DirectX 12 Version 12 Version 12
Storage 65 GB available space 65 GB available space

Although Madden NFL 25 is not a particularly challenging game, this is understandable as it is still a release that caters to both current and last-generation consoles. We remain optimistic that, like Madden NFL 24, this new installment will include next-gen capabilities, a step above its predecessors. While the specific framerate and preset targets have not been disclosed by the developers, it is recommended to have at least an RTX 3060 and a Ryzen 2700X in order to enjoy the game at its highest settings.

Even a lower-end RX 570 with only 4 GB of VRAM will suffice. Additionally, you will need a minimum of 65 GB of storage space to install Madden NFL 25, with a recommended 12 GB of RAM. These requirements are not significantly different from those of Madden NFL 24, so performance should be comparable.

Madden NFL 25 Pre-Order Bonus Content

By pre-ordering Madden NFL 25, you will be eligible to receive the bonus content listed below:

  • Cover Athlete Elite Player Item
  • Choice of 2 Strategy Items
  • Superstar Drip Gear
  • Legendary XP Boost

We are eagerly anticipating the full reveal scheduled for next week, as well as the announcement of the cover athlete for the upcoming release.

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