Masterclass Custom GameBoy Advance SP Impresses Pokemon Fans

Pokemon enthusiasts were left in awe when an artist displayed a “masterclass”in creating personalized skins for Gameboy SP.

The Pokemon community is home to incredibly talented artists who produce fantastic works of art, ranging from custom plushies to detailed 3D sculptures. These skilled trainers never cease to amaze with their creations.

One particular fan and artist who specializes in creating custom console art and skins has recently gained widespread attention on social media for their impressive work. Their latest creation is a breathtaking custom GBA SP featuring the iconic Beldum line of Pokemon.

The individual responsible for customizing the hardware is known as Syntex Customs on X, and they have shared a picture of their personalized Metagross GBA SP.

Within a span of five days, the post was able to amass over 23,000 likes and 2,000 retweets, with numerous Pokemon enthusiasts commending their artwork.

The appearance of this is indescribably fantastic, with one fan saying “1000/10″and another describing it as a “Masterclass.”

When inquired about the method used to create the skin, the artist responded, “It is a UV print applied directly onto the shell, which is a professional technique similar to the one utilized for original Nintendo handheld devices…”

Despite this, it appears that they were not the creators of the original artwork featuring Beldum, Metang, and Metagross. According to responses from fans on the tweet, the art was actually created by an artist known as Pearl Saurus.

Nintendo has recently increased the frequency of their custom console releases in the current generation, with the latest addition being the Legend of Zelda Switch Lite for Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom.

It is challenging to locate older consoles and handhelds, and even more so to find ones with impressive custom designs.

This is not the first time a custom GBA SP has impressed fans. In fact, a trainer previously created a stunning gold Shiny Magikarp GameBoy that received a lot of recognition from the community.

A different trainer designed a transparent GBA SP shell that showcased TCG artwork of Venusaur on both the top and bottom of the device.

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