McDonald’s Limited-Edition Pie Has Customers Hyped

Customers at McDonald’s are eagerly anticipating the comeback of a beloved dessert item that has everyone’s mouths watering.

The Cookies & Creme Pie originally debuted in July 2023, initially being offered in a limited number of locations nationwide. Currently, the dessert can once again be found at various locations throughout the United States.

The dessert incorporates chocolate sandwich cookie bits, light and airy vanilla cream filling, and a crumbly chocolate cookie crust. Essentially, it is a pie version of an Oreo cookie.

The dessert’s return was recently announced by renowned food blogger, snackolator, who also shared their thoughts on the item in a post on Instagram.

“I tried this last year and found it to be quite enjoyable. Adding some McDonald’s ice cream made it even better. I believe it would make for a delicious McFlurry if mixed in and topped with some fudge.”

The food blogger disclosed that the new item has already been spotted at select McDonald’s locations and will only be available for a limited time. To check its availability, be sure to contact your nearby store.

After the post was shared, individuals expressed their enthusiasm for its comeback, commenting: “I absolutely adored this from last year!”

“Another excitedly exclaimed, “I can’t wait for them to be available nationwide!”while someone else expressed their enthusiasm by saying, “I am so excited for these to come out!”

Many people were eager to see McDonald’s bring back some other pies instead, with some even mentioning the original fried apple pies.

“The Cookies & Cream dessert was described as “mid”by someone else, with a suggestion to permanently add the strawberry and cream pie to the menu.”

Along with this release, McDonald’s has also unveiled a Jujutsu Kaisen-themed sauce this month, now accessible at all McDonald’s restaurants in the US.

Along with this, the chain has recently revealed the launch of one of its most intensely smoked burgers, although it will only be available for a limited time.

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