Medical murder mystery TV anime Ameku Takao’s Detective Karte announced to be in production

Mikito Chinen’s medical murder mystery novel, Detective Karte by Ameku Takao, is set to be adapted into a television anime series. On Wednesday, April 3, 2024, an official website and social media handle for the series were launched to announce the adaptation. Along with this, a teaser PV and visual for the series were also revealed on the website.

As of this writing, there is no information regarding the release date, cast, staff, or production studio for the upcoming anime adaptation of Mikito Chinen’s light novels. However, devoted fans of the novels are eagerly anticipating the anime’s release.

Ameku Takao’s Detective Karte novels adapted into a TV anime by Mikito Chinen

On Wednesday, April 3, 2024, a website and X account were launched to announce the television anime adaptation of Mikito Chinen’s medical murder mystery novel series, Ameku Takao’s Detective Karte. However, the release date and production details have not yet been disclosed by the anime’s staff.

Despite this, both the official site and the X account have released a teaser promotional video and visual to further increase excitement for the upcoming Detective Karte anime by Ameku Takao.

The brief preview and accompanying illustration highlight the protagonist, Ameku Takao, as she unravels multiple cases of murder and medical puzzles in the diagnosis department of a general hospital.

Additionally, in celebration of the novel’s anime adaptation, Noizi Ito, the original character designer, has posted a commemorative illustration on his official X account. The striking image features Ameku Takao in her medical attire.

Mikito Chinen and Noizi Ito have left their comments on the anime’s website as well. Mikito-san expressed his enthusiasm for seeing his work adapted into an anime and encouraged his fans to anticipate the adaptation.

Just like Noizi Ito, I expressed his joy for the upcoming anime adaptation of the novel series. When translated from Japanese to English, his statement was as follows:

“Congratulations on the anime adaptation of the Tenkyu series! I’m looking forward to seeing the ‘Takataka duo’ do their best.”- The official site of the anime

Shinchosha has been publishing Mikito Chinen’s Ameku Takao’s Detective Karte novel series since October 2014, with a total of 13 volumes released until September 2022. Interestingly, Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha has recently taken over the publishing of the series, releasing three additional volumes since October 2023.

The key visual for the anime (Image via @Ameku_off/X)
The key visual for the anime (Image via @Ameku_off/X)

As of now, the novel has reached a sales record of over 3 million copies. The series additionally offers a manga adaptation featuring Hiroki Ohara’s illustrations, which debuted in the 2016 edition of Shinchosa’s Monthly Comic @Bunch magazine. In 2018, the manga concluded with the release of four tankobon volumes.

The animated adaptation of Detective Karte by Ameku Takao will closely follow the plot of the original novel series. The focus of the story is on Ameku Takao, a brilliant doctor who oversees the diagnostic department at a general hospital. What sets her apart is her ability to unravel complex murders and medical enigmas that are beyond the capabilities of the police.

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