Melanie Martinez Criticized by Fans for High-Priced Scented Candles and Merchandise

Fans of Melanie Martinez have recently used TikTok to criticize the singer’s merchandise, claiming that it is excessively expensive.

On June 18, Melanie Martinez released a collection of scented candles inspired by tracks from her 2023 album Portals. However, upon seeing the prices, fans took to TikTok to voice their frustrations.

In a popular video, content creator grecias0fi criticized the candles, calling them a “scam”and expressing disbelief that they were being sold for $75 each. She acknowledged that the seller was promoting them as hand-painted, but she did not agree with this justification.

“However, if you observe that the eggs are simply covered in speckles, my perspective shifts entirely. If the design was intricate and unique, I could understand and appreciate it as a form of art. It would have taken considerable time and dedication to produce. I do not intend to diminish the value of the artwork, but in this case, it is just speckles.”


lost alot of respect for her fr lowk #melaniemartinez #k12 #portals #trilogytour #crybaby

♬ original sound – grecia?

Afterwards, grecias0fi proposed that the expensive price of the candles may have been influenced by Melanie’s 2019 film, K-12, which had a budget of $5-6 million but only made $359,377 worldwide. According to grecias0fi, she suffered a significant loss of several million dollars as the film only aired for one night.

Several Melanie fans expressed their agreement in the comments that the Portals candles were overpriced. “I’m glad someone is bringing this up. I adore Mel, but $50 for a perfume? That’s a bit much,”one individual commented.

One person expressed, “I have been a devoted fan for over 5 years and it pains me to see her behave like this.”Another individual chimed in, stating, “I believe $75 would be a reasonable price if the shoes were designed to complement the song and were two sizes larger.”

Despite criticism, there were those who came to the defense of the ‘Play Date’ singer. One user questioned, “Why are you all assuming that she sets the prices herself?” Another user shared, “She offers other merchandise for only $15, so no one is obligated to purchase the candles.”

As of now, Melanie Martinez has not responded to the criticism from fans regarding her $75 scented candles.

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