Metagross weaknesses, resistances & strengths explained in Pokemon

To secure victory in the toughest battles of the meta, players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet often rely on Metagross. To assist in this endeavor, below are its vulnerabilities, defenses, advantages, and recommended moves.

Pseudo Legendaries, such as Baxcalibur, Dragapult, and Metagross, are highly coveted by Scarlet and Violet trainers for their immense power in battles. In fact, their stats surpass those of certain Legendaries.

Although Dragon-types make up the majority of Pseudo Legendaries, Metagross stands out as the only Steel/Psychic-type not susceptible to Fairy-types.

For those seeking an advantage in Pokemon battles, here is a comprehensive guide on Metagross’s weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and optimal moves.

Understanding Metagross Weaknesses in Pokemon

In Pokemon, Metagross is vulnerable to attacks of the Dark, Fire, Ghost, and Ground types.

Despite this, its impressive bulk allows it to frequently withstand super-effective hits, especially Physical attacks due to its Defense stat of 130.

To eliminate its vulnerability to Ground-type attacks, you have the option of equipping Held Items such as Air Balloon. Alternatively, you can utilize Weakness Policy to enhance its offensive abilities when struck by super-effective moves.

Understanding Metagross Resistances in Pokemon

Metagross is immune to Poison-type attacks and has resistance to Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel-type attacks in Pokemon.

The ability to resist Dragon, Fairy, Rock, and Steel-type moves is highly beneficial for Dragon-type allies such as Baxcalibur, Roaring Moon, and Dragonite. Additionally, its immunity to Poison-type moves protects it from being poisoned by Toxic or Toxic Spikes that may be used by opponents during battle.

Having Roaring Moon as a teammate with a Flying Tera Type is highly beneficial for Metagross, as they effectively complement each other’s weaknesses.

Why Metagross is a Powerful Pokemon

Metagross has STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) Steel and Psychic-type attacks, making it especially effective against Fairy, Fighting, Ice, Poison, and Rock-type Pokemon.

The combination of its resistances and offensive capabilities make Metagross the perfect counter to Fairy and Ice-type Pokemon. Additionally, its impressive ability, Clear Body, allows it to ignore any moves or hazards that may lower its stats. This comes in handy when facing opponents who use Sticky Web, as Metagross is able to avoid any decreases in Speed thanks to Clear Body.

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Metagross has a perfect mix of offense and defense.

Top Moves for Metagross in Pokemon

The optimal attacks for Metagross in Pokemon are Bullet Punch, Heavy Slam, Knock Off, and Earthquake.

  • Bullet Punch is a Priority move, meaning that it will always be used before the opponent’s move, regardless of their speed. When Metagross has an Adamant Nature, Bullet Punch inflicts significant damage and is especially effective against low HP Pokemon, making it the ideal move for knocking them out.
  • Heavy Slam was included in Metagross’ moveset with the release of the Indigo Disk DLC. Its effectiveness is determined by the weight difference between the user and the target. With a weight of 1212.5 lbs, Metagross is able to deliver powerful damage using Heavy Slam.
  • Utilizing the Indigo Disk DLC move Knock Off, Metagross effectively eliminates any Held Items held by opposing Pokemon while inflicting significant damage. This powerful move can disrupt your opponent’s tactics and catch them off guard.
  • Earthquake is a powerful move with a base power of 100 and a wide coverage, making it an excellent choice for taking down other Steel-types with a single hit.

Some additional strong moves for Metagross are Meteor Mash, Psychic Fangs, Explosion, and Stealth Rock. However, with the addition of new moves in the DLC, Metagross has become even more powerful and unpredictable than ever before.

By following these instructions, you will have all the necessary knowledge to transform your Metagross into an unstoppable force in Pokemon battles. If you desire additional guides on this topic, be sure to explore the following options:

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