Metal Gear Solid Delta Can Be Played in the Legacy Camera Perspective

During the Xbox Showcase 2024, fans were treated to a lengthy gameplay reveal of Metal Gear Solid Delta, the highly anticipated remake of Metal Gear Solid 3. The reimagining promises to bring exciting new features, including a shift in the camera perspective similar to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. However, for those who prefer the classic feel, the legacy camera can still be utilized in Metal Gear Solid Delta.

Legacy Camera Confirmed for Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake

According to both a recent Legacy Series video and the official website for Metal Gear Solid Delta, players can use the legacy style camera perspective from the original release.

The game’s camera has been completely reworked for modern third-person play, making it suitable for those who are not accustomed to that perspective. This is indicated by the paragraph’s data attributes, which state that the paragraph has 135 characters and a current count of 357, and is not injectable.

In an interview with David Hayer, producer Noriaki Okamura confirmed that the gameplay in the Legacy Series Part 2 video remains the same as the original. However, in order to cater to the new generation of gamers, they have made updates to the visuals, controls, and overall game-feel. These changes were implemented in collaboration with Okamura, who is also involved in the development of the new release.

He maintains that they are not attempting to alter the fundamental gameplay and are staying true to the original 2004 version. Their words so far have been reassuring, and for a game as unique as this, a faithful remake is what I desire. Making too many changes would not benefit the game, which is why they have emphasized that it is primarily a visual upgrade accompanied by quality-of-life improvements and updated controls.

In recent years, there have been many outstanding remakes, such as Resident Evil 4: Remake, Dead Space Remake, and the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Out of these, Dead Space Remake is the most comparable, as it mainly focused on enhancing the visuals and making some updates for modern audiences.

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