Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 10: Ayaka Kirisaki Joins the Yozakura Family as the Housemaid, While Taiyo Surprises Kyoichiro

Episode 10 of Mission: Yozakura Family, titled The Yozakura Family Maid/Affair, aired on Sunday, June 9, 2024, at 5 pm JST on TBS, MBS, and other affiliated Japanese networks. The episode continued to follow the daily lives of Taiyo and the other residents of the Yozakura mansion.

An intriguing development occurred in the episode as Ayaka Kirisaki became the maid of the Yozakura family. However, due to specific circumstances, she began to suspect Taiyo Asano of being unfaithful to Mutsumi. Yet, what happened next surprised everyone. Mission: Yozakura Family episode 10 delighted viewers with its mix of humor, a touch of action, and overall positive atmosphere.

Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 10 Highlights: Mutsumi Welcomes Ayaka Kirisaki as the Yozakura Family’s Housemaid

To commence Yozakura Family episode 10, the Hinagiku organization throws a lavish hot pot gathering in honor of the mission’s triumph. Rin Fudo congratulates the team for accomplishing the mission without any casualties.

Mutsumi’s bare-fisted hunt for wild beasts adds an exciting element to the party. Sui impressively butchers the animals with his expert swordsmanship. Kyoichiro, on the other hand, attends the celebration to take care of his sister.

In Mission: Yozakura Family episode 10, the festive gathering quickly descends into chaos as Rin and Kyoichiro engage in a food fight. Despite the commotion, Sui assures Taiyo that this is a typical occurrence for their family.

Taiyo and Mutsumi in episode 10 (Image via Silver Link)
Taiyo and Mutsumi in episode 10 (Image via Silver Link)

Eventually, Rin, Oga, and Kyoichiro become exhausted and pass out. While this is happening, Taiyo Asano examines the cube he obtained from the hollow of the tree, in response to Kurogao’s message. He believes that discovering the contents of the cube will bring about significant changes, including within himself.

Mutsumi plants a kiss on Taiyo’s cheeks and reassures him that she will always see him as the same person, regardless of any surprises. At the same time, a marble drops out of the cube.

In Mission: Yozakura Family episode 10, Kyoichiro informs the boy that the marble can be used to record optic data by arranging air bubbles with a laser. Despite limited options, it is still feasible to extract the data from the marble.

Ayaka joins as Yozakura housemaid (Image via Silver Link)
Ayaka joins as Yozakura housemaid (Image via Silver Link)

In episode 10 of Mission: Yozakura Family, Taiyo stumbles upon Ayaka Kirisaki in the Yozakura mansion. Mutsumi discloses that the family has invited Ayaka to work as a housemaid. Meanwhile, Ayaka remains determined to carry out her mission of turning Taiyo into a more successful spy by attempting to assassinate him.

While getting ready to make tea later in the evening, Mutsumi discovers that Kyoichiro’s preferred tea leaves are all gone. She offers Taiyo some tea, but he declines and decides to take a bath. After that, Taiyo Asano heads to the washroom.

Taiyo saves Ayaka (Image via Silver Link)
Taiyo saves Ayaka (Image via Silver Link)

Surprisingly, Ayaka interrupts by spraying acidic soap on him, causing it to dissolve even the most solid of barriers. Taiyo attempts to evade the spray as best he can. Suddenly, the bathtub’s electric trap is triggered, putting Ayaka in a dangerous situation.

Despite the close call, Taiyo manages to rescue her just in time. This leads to a comical moment as Kyoichiro Yozakura catches Taiyo and Ayaka in a compromising position.

Mission: Yozakura Family – Episode 10: Goliath’s Approval and Kyoichiro’s Surprise

Following the bathtub incident, episode 10 of Mission: Yozakura Family jumps to the following day where Taiyo Asano sets off on a mission. However, Mutsumi intercepts him, reminding him that he had forgotten his phone. Just then, the phone begins to ring.

Mutsumi catches sight of Kaoru calling Taiyo. Without hesitation, the boy snatches the phone from Mutsumi and hurries towards the door. Ayaka witnesses the scene and suspects that Taiyo may be involved in an affair.

After a time skip of a few days, the episode shows Taiyo and Mutsumi enjoying some quality time together with Goliath. It is revealed that Goliath is a wolf-dog, a unique breed that has been genetically modified since the Edo period.

Goliath, as seen in the episode (Image via Silver Link)
Goliath, as seen in the episode (Image via Silver Link)

Ever since Mutsumi’s great-great-grandmother’s generation, he has been a beloved member of the family. In episode 10 of Mission: Yozakura Family, Mutsumi and Taiyo arrive at a park with Goliath, where they are greeted by a couple of children holding balloons.

Despite Goliath’s observation of a bomb planted on the balloons, it still went off. Fortunately, Taiyo selflessly shielded everyone, taking the full force of the explosion. Goliath was able to track the scent of the bomb and successfully capture the person responsible.

In Mission: Yozakura Family episode 10, Ayaka and Kyoichiro confront Taiyo after discovering photos of him at a coffee shop with another woman. Despite this, he still considers Taiyo a part of the family and even gives him a ride on his back.

The Hinagiku members, as seen in the episode (Image via Silver Link)
The Hinagiku members, as seen in the episode (Image via Silver Link)

In Mission: Yozakura Family episode 10, it is revealed that the girl in the picture, accompanied by her grandfather Kaouru, unexpectedly arrives at the mansion. They are from the Hinagiku and were contacted by Taiyo to help find Kyoichiro’s favorite tea, Dark Sweet.

Although the tea leaves were scarce, Taiyo and the Hinagiku managed to obtain them for Kyoichiro, who always takes care of him. However, they decided to keep it a secret from Mutsumi so that Kyoichiro wouldn’t find out.

Although Kyoichiro is grateful for Taiyo’s actions, he is still unable to believe the extent to which the boy went for his sake. Despite this, he cannot bring himself to apologize. The 10th episode of Mission: Yozakura Family concludes on a positive note as the family comes together to enjoy a special tea.

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