Monogatari: Off and Monster episode 1 review

The review for the first episode of Monogatari: Off and Monster has been overwhelmingly positive, and the fanbase is extremely pleased with the animation. Fans have praised numerous aspects of the anime. The initial episode of any anime is crucial, and although this is not the first episode of the original series, there was still a significant amount of exposition that needed to be established.

The most notable aspect was undoubtedly the animation. While many animation studios produce high-quality content, Studio Shaft offered a unique perspective that was well-received by the majority of viewers.

Moreover, the character dynamics were enjoyable, and the editing technique was quite unconventional. Overall, Monogatari: Off and Monster episode 1 established the atmosphere for the rest of the season, keeping fans eagerly anticipating what will happen next.

Monogatari: Off and Monster episode 1 review- A visual spectacle

Nadeko Sengoku as seen in episode 1 of the anime series (Image via Studio Shaft)
Nadeko Sengoku as seen in episode 1 of the anime series (Image via Studio Shaft)

The visuals in the anime were refreshingly unique, as the medium often has a predetermined art style that can become repetitive. The composition of each scene was captivating and intriguing, with the animation studio utilizing interesting angles to create tension and break the monotony of Yotsugi Ononoki’s dialogue delivery.

The color palette was another visual element prominently displayed in Monogatari: Off and Monster episode 1. While the episode had minimal action, the plot’s development centered around the interactions between characters. Despite the lack of action, the episode was still highly enjoyable to watch, with the color palette playing a significant role in enhancing the overall viewing experience.

The interaction between Ononoki and Nadeko Sengoku was visually stunning. The use of a pastel color palette was a brilliant decision. Despite the scene’s array of colors, it did not overwhelm the viewers and allowed them to focus on the dialogue between the characters.

Monogatari: A Comparison of Monotony and Vibrancy in Off and Monster episode 1

Ononoki as seen in the anime series (Image via Studio Shaft)
Ononoki as seen in the anime series (Image via Studio Shaft)

Despite being a humanoid, Ononoki’s monotonous tone when speaking adds to her character. While this may usually fail to capture the audience’s attention, it was offset by the presence of other characters and the impeccably animated shots.

The contrast between elements in this scene was both intriguing and unsettling. The episode itself was highly engaging, with the monotony adding a sense of unease. This type of ambiance is perfect for keeping viewers engaged, and Monogatari: Off and Monster episode 1 accomplished just that.

Monogatari: Off and Monster episode 1 review- Mild disappointment with regards to the episode length

As previously mentioned, there was minimal room for criticism in this specific episode. However, the audience was dissatisfied with its duration. The Japanese television networks had scheduled a 50-minute time slot for this episode, but it only lasted a total of 31 minutes, which is significantly longer than the typical anime episode by about 10–13 minutes.

The source of disappointment stemmed from the fanbase’s unmet expectations, which could have been avoided if the episode’s runtime had been clearly stated before its release. Despite this, netizens would have been grateful if the runtime had been explicitly mentioned beforehand.


To sum up, the review of Monogatari: Off and Monster episode 1 is overwhelmingly positive. It effectively set the tone for the entire season and received high praise for its stunning animation. Studio Shaft has once again proven their ability to captivate their fanbase. The unique editing style, incorporating jump cuts, added to the suspense of the episode. Fans were left eagerly anticipating the next installment. This first episode serves as a perfect example of how to start a series. The next episode is scheduled to air on July 13, 2024, at 10 p.m. JST.

As the year 2024 progresses, be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the latest anime and manga news.

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