MrBeast’s Potential Presidential Run Sparks Speculation Among Fans

MrBeast stated that he would consider running for U.S. President if the age limit was decreased, prompting encouragement from his community members.

On July 6, MrBeast shared on X his thoughts on the possibility of running for President if the minimum age requirement were decreased. Currently, individuals must be at least 35 years old to run for President, which means that MrBeast is almost ten years away from being eligible since he is currently 26 years old.

“MrBeast declared that he would enter the presidential race if the minimum age requirement was lowered.”

A large portion of the comments on the post ridiculed the notion of MrBeast, a popular YouTuber, assuming the role of President in the Oval Office. Some individuals even inquired if he would continue producing videos if he held the highest position in the country.

MrBeast made his post following the release of a video on June 29, in which he traveled to nations such as El Salvador and Jamaica to construct 100 houses for individuals in need. As of writing, the video has amassed over 75 million views and has a top comment that reads “MrBeast for President,”along with an impressive 242,000 likes.

Despite his current ineligibility due to the age requirement, many fans still entertained the idea of MrBeast potentially winning if he were able to run for President.

“One commenter pointed out that the irony of the situation is that you would probably end up winning.”

Despite some people’s doubts, there were multiple commenters who did not believe that MrBeast would be a strong candidate for President. These doubts were expressed through simple “no”responses and even deeper questions such as, “Why do you think you would make a good president? You’re simply a YouTuber.”

Despite the attention, MrBeast still has a ways to go before he can realistically run for President. As one commenter wisely stated, it would be more beneficial for him to continue doing good deeds outside of the political realm at this time.

In 12 years, it is uncertain if MrBeast will still have a large fanbase, but if he decides to run at that time, he will have the opportunity to do so.

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