MTG Bloomburrow: Dragonstorm Arc with Legendary Return

At first glance, MTG’s upcoming Bloomburrow set may seem low-stakes. However, a piece of official art teasing the Dragonstorm arc hints at major developments for this seemingly small world.

The memory of the Phyrexian Invasion arc remains prominent in the minds of many MTG players, as March of the Machine marked the conclusion of the Phyrexian threat (for the time being).

Although the remaining sets of 2023 and 2024 have had a less intense overarching story, they have not been lacking in excitement. The focus of the Omenpath arc was Kellen’s search for his father, but the true essence of the story revolved around the gradual transformation of planar travel and the concerning ultimate objective for Planeswalkers Jace and Vraska.

After the Omenpath arc in Outlaws of Thunder Junction, the official story of Magic: The Gathering advances to Dragonstorm, leading to a highly anticipated return to the beloved plane of Tarkir.

Fans could have anticipated some story teases in Bloomburrow, but the unexpected arrival of a dragon on this forested realm has shattered those expectations.

MTG Kolaghan Bloomburrow Dragonstorm
Victor Adame Minguez/WotC

The magic of Bloomburrow transforms a storm-calling dragon into a new form

Despite its appearance as a strange hybrid hawk, this creature is actually a dragon that has been affected by the magic of Bloomburrow. This plane is known for its powerful enchantments that can transform any visitor, including the typically fearsome dragons, into peaceful and harmless creatures. Ral Zarek, a human, is not the only one affected by this magic.

The MTG community on Reddit is certain that the dragon featured in the recently revealed artwork for Bloomburrow is Kolaghan, a significant presence on Tarkir and possibly one of the dragonlords’ offspring. If other dragonlords or their descendants are also traversing the Omenpaths, it could lead to chaos in the upcoming year of MTG sets.

The three separate arcs of Omenpath, Dragonstorm, and the yet-to-be-revealed third part of Metronome are most likely leading up to a significant event for the entire MTG universe. Should Jace and Vraska’s plans succeed, we could see a complete transformation of Magic’s various worlds and narratives.

MTG players can look forward to the first part of Dragonstorm playing out quickly, as Bloomburrow is set to launch on August 2.

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