Muzan’s granddaughter- Fans discover the next intense walk in anime after Muzan’s from Hashira Training Arc

Following the declaration that Muzan’s walk in Demon Slayer was the coldest in anime, fans began searching for other walks that could match the same level of anticipation and terror as the Demon King’s.

Thankfully, the fans were not disappointed as they watched a recent anime that met their expectations in a humorous manner. This particular scene was from My Deer Friend Nokotan, where the protagonist hilariously barged into a classroom by breaking down the door.

Despite being a high school girl, Nokotan was often referred to as the granddaughter of the Demon King due to their similar walking styles. While most fans were curious about which anime Nokotan was from, others reacted to her confident and commanding entrance.

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Nokotan’s Walk Gets Added to the Coldest Walks in Anime Alongside Muzan’s Walk in Demon Slayer

In episode 8 of Demon Slayer, Muzan successfully infiltrated the headquarters of the Demon Slayer Corps and made his way towards Ubuyashiki’s house. Despite being constantly burned by the Wisteria, he demonstrated his incredible regenerative abilities. The scene of his march towards Ubuyashiki was skillfully animated, earning it the reputation as one of the most chilling walks in anime among fans.

The first episode of My Deer Friend Nokotan featured Nokotan as the latest addition to Torako’s class, having transferred in. Due to her ateliers, Nokotan struggled to enter the room through the door and ended up forcefully breaking it.

The debris from the door struck the students sitting in the front rows, making her entrance truly unique. Her classmates were not the only ones impressed, as fans began to compare Nokotan’s walk to Muzan’s march and declare it the next coolest in anime.

Reactions to the Coldest Walk in Anime from My Deer Friend Nokotan

Nokotan as seen in the anime (Image via Wit Studio)
Nokotan as seen in the anime (Image via Wit Studio)

Despite the fact that My Deer Friend Nokotan is not nearly as popular as Demon Slayer, the majority of the fandom still couldn’t contain their laughter when first seeing Nokotan. However, there were also many fans who were unsure of which anime Nokotan was from.

Some viewers were impressed by her comedic skills and began to see her as a formidable opponent to Muzan from Demon Slayer. Her signature walk gained widespread praise, with some even claiming her as the original and Muzan as a mere imitation, believing that her walk was something Muzan could only dream of.

“Wait what show is this from looll”a fan asked

“A new challenger has entered the ring”another fan said

“She’s who muzan wishes he could’ve been”another one claimed

Reflections on the project

Despite its goofy appearance, My Deer Friend Nokotan, animated by Wit Studio, is a hidden gem of the 2024 Summer Anime Season. While it may be overlooked by some, it could easily rival popular comedy series like Konosuba and Nichijou. Fans should definitely keep an eye out for this underrated anime of the season.

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