MW3 Players Divided Over “Heinous” Death Animations

The new wave of death effects animations in MW3, stemming from the game’s latest cosmetic push, are causing controversy among players, calling for changes to how they work.

Call of Duty ‘s in-game store has evolved over the years, becoming more and more fanciful with collaborative skins from well-known brands and celebrities.

This evolution is also reflected in weapon design, with purchased weapon bundles coming with tracer ammo and death effects to impress enemies, such as causing dismemberment in an explosion of color.

With the introduction of new, more extravagant death effects in recent batches, player sentiment is turning to frustration, with many hoping for changes to mitigate these effects.

MW3 Players Are Divided On Death Effect Animations

In a post shared on the MW3 subreddit, a player expressed frustration with the Sketched Out pack’s death effect animation. When an enemy is defeated, a huge cartoon text bubble appears.

This pack has been a point of discontent for the player base since its release, and with its final kill, it seems players are frustrated for multiple reasons.

“I would prefer any skin over this death effect, you can hear it through the map, dammit. All death effects are getting boring, but this one is by far the worst,” criticized one player.

Anything more annoying than this? byu/rosnokidated inModernWarfareIII

Others have complained about the visual appearance of the finisher and how it obstructs the screen when killing an opponent. Of course, this finisher wasn’t the only one, many players have stated that finishers in general bother them.

A few players have advocated for a feature to disable finishers, or at least disable them for themselves. However, many responded that they don’t see such a feature coming to fruition anytime soon. Not to mention that a few responses mentioned how much they appreciate the unique design of this death effect.

Over time, new death effects will continue to be added to MW3 and future games. Their implementation will likely continue to divide the player base, so let’s hope the developers find common ground to satisfy both camps.

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