MW3 Players Praise Looping Killstreaks as Season 4’s Most Underrated Feature

The Season 4 update for MW3 brought the popular Killstreak feature to all maps and modes, and players have been thoroughly enjoying it.

Call of Duty’s Killstreaks have always been a fan-favorite feature, and although MW3 offers a wide selection of them, players have expressed their desire for the looping feature to further enhance their enjoyment.

Upon the launch of Season 4, the game developers introduced the “looping Killstreak modifier” into MW3. This feature had been previously discussed by the team, who had expressed a desire to experiment with it in a designated playlist to evaluate its effectiveness in the game’s multiplayer modes.

Upon being revealed in the patch notes, gamers were swift to extol the developers’ choice, expressing that it greatly enhances the enjoyment and satisfaction of playing the game.

So the looping Streaks ARE intentional for this season byu/FistOfSven inModernWarfareIII

In traditional Call of Duty games, the use of looping Killstreaks had a significant impact on a player’s performance, granting skilled players the ability to continuously accumulate Killstreaks as long as they did not die.

In a post on Reddit, user dudedudetx expressed their enthusiasm for the looping streaks in the game and expressed their hope that they would remain permanent. This viewpoint was echoed by another player who stated that it should stay because it adds to the fun of the game.

The outcome was incredibly favorable, leading players to exchange tactics for rapidly achieving streaks. One user, Pilgore1, shared a method involving the use of the Mission Control Vest to decrease the number of kills/points required for Killstreaks. This strategy has proven to be effective, especially when looping is enabled.

A different player revealed their chaotic strategy: “I managed to continuously call in 7 gunships one after another on shipment.”With the compact size and high-speed action of Shipment, these repeating Killstreaks are ideal for quickly gaining XP and unlocking all the latest seasonal content.

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