MW3 players split as “annoying” attachment still dominates after nerfs

Despite the addition of the Aftermarket Parts, MW3 has continued to receive criticism for the “annoying”JAK Maglift Kit, which has been dominating multiplayer matches and adding even more powerful and popular attachments to the game.

Despite the significant nerfs it received on February 21 and March 13, as well as the introduction of new Season 2 Reloaded attachments that have captured players’ attention, the JAK Maglift Kit continues to remain a popular choice on multiplayer playlists.

RedEyesGoldDragon, a user on Reddit, expressed his frustration by declaring, “This has to be the most mindless and boring thing in the game,”accompanied by a screenshot from the attachment.

This has to be the most brainless and sleep-inducing thing to exist in the game. byu/RedEyesGoldDragon inModernWarfareIII

In the comments, a different MW3 player concurred with the OP’s opinion and stated, “The grenade launcher and the JAK Maglift Kit are both so unenjoyable, it’s not even humorous.”However, user ‘Grand-Might-9295’ drew a comparison to Hardcore mode, pointing out that while the JAK Maglift Kit may be problematic, it is not as problematic as the grenade launcher in Hardcore.

Upon further review, another user noted that while the weapon may have good performance, it is not as effective on larger maps. In agreement, a different player stated, “Although it can be amusing to use, it becomes obsolete on bigger maps. However, spamming it can still be effective.”

The Haymaker’s JAK Maglift Kit is believed by MW3 players to have a strong influence on the gameplay experience of various maps, particularly smaller ones like Rust, Meat, Stash House, and others. Many players feel that when one person equips this kit, others in the lobby tend to follow suit, resulting in a significant impact on the overall gameplay.

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